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    • 15 minutes ago, Shiggy said:


      But obviously that is not happening.............You know sir what a rubber room is right? A room where teachers accused of misconduct or even just incompetence BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND THE SCHOOLS go to work and sit around all day.......all while still being employed by the school district and receiving a paycheck. 


      That is BECAUSE the teachers unions keep those teachers from being fired. These are teachers who are not just disliked by students......they are teachers who in any other job or any private school with performance and employee standards would be fired.


      My simple question to you sir, is whether or not you would change the law in order to fire teachers who are payed to sit in a room and do crossword puzzles becuase they cannot be fired, but are so incompetent or unethical that they are not trusted to teach our youth?

           Yes, I am open to adapting the law.  Specifically, I want to fix the investigation duration of the process.

           I do know what a rubber room is.  And rubber rooms do not help anyone.  The school district, the tax payers, nor the teachers themselves.  First of all, teachers who are sent to the 'rubber room' are under investigation for misconduct regardless of the extent of the infraction.  They do collect a paycheck as they deserve the right to be innocent until proven guilty.  The person who started the rubber room thought that it would be best that teachers do not stay home while the investigation takes place but should be somewhere isolated from the students until the matter is resolved.  The issue in this case is the extensive process of the investigation which takes months or even years.  There have been various examples where teachers do go back to teaching after an extended period of time in the rubber room while others result in termination or early retirement.  I would definitely be for finding ways to shorten these investigations to get good teachers who are sent to the rubber room with minor infractions back into the classrooms with perhaps some better training and officially exterminate the contracts of teachers who committed misconduct or incompetence.

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