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    • Wow! Things speeding up. ISIS getting crushed beyond repair. I hate to say it, but Fitzy may have ended them for good. Dramatic escalation in recent weeks. #isisbyesis
    • Russia Steps To Center Stage   Moscow- In what could be seen as a predictable outcome, Russia finds itself at the fulcrum of peace and conflict in Asia. You'll remember the crickets from America and Japan after word came down that Japan was attempting to build a naval base Senkaku Islands. Virtual silence from the Fitzgerald Administration except for a speech that angered many in Japan for it's hostile rhetoric towards what was becoming a withering partnership. Along came Russia, and amazingly, they stepped into the breach. Talks of future cooperation came to fruition and suddenly Japan and Russia had what appeared to be a deal in which ultimately Russia would help Japan build said Naval Base, which not only put a thumb in the eye of one of its global rivals, in China, but also pulled in close a new potential technological ally in the Abe Japanese Government. Well, fast forward to today, and it appears as though talks between Russia and China, as well as Russia playing intermediary between China and Japan have yielded a startling deal: First, Japan will cease construction of their Naval Base, thereby continuing to give China control over the largest sea trade lanes in the world. Second, Russia will supply Japan with cheap oil and will help Japan press forward with a mutual exploration mission between Rosneft PJSC and a consortium of Japan Oil, Gas & Metals National Corp., in the ocean off the Russian Far East. This venture was opposed by the United States, and to this point Japan complied, but now they have decided to forgo America's wishes. Third, China and Japan now hold 92% of all known rare earth metals in the world and have decided to create what amounts to an OPEC of rare earth metals, with Japan receiving 56% of the profits from that partnership. And that cash will be used by Japan to increase the size of its defense force. The deal was struck several weeks ago as talks heated up and as Vladimir Putin played global ambassador in what sounds almost too crazy to believe. And so what to make of this in America. First, this move raises Putin's profile in the world as a man who can creatively work to solve problems that further his self-interest. The move is certainly one President Fitzgerald proved incapable of making. Second, it's a slap in the face of the United States and its Treasury Department as they stood strongly opposed to the oil deal about to take place. The fact that Japan is attempting to be little-brother no more is something that is bringing pride to Japan, but at the cost of hurting its relationship with longtime ally, the United States. Lastly, the rare earth metal development is a disaster for America. Already, America was buying almost all of it's metals from China at a fairly steep price. Japan's find would normally have been a huge boon for America as one would expect the price to drop, or even, for America to use Japan as it's main supplier. This move, however, puts America squarely in the cross hairs of what could be some serious price gouging and some hardball on a level not seen to this point. Winners: Vladimir Putin, Shinzo Abe, Japan Oil and Gas, Chinese control over shipping Losers: Former Secretary of State Spencer Blenheim, President Fitzgerald, Japanese doves
    • Fitzy and US GI's kicking the $hit out of ISIS, but it's moving a bit slower than I'd expect. Certainly not something to be too worried about....I hope #FitzyWinsISIS #RedWHiteBLuE
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