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    • Update* Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald is also reported as attending the meeting.  In recent developments shortly after the meeting, Senator Fitzgerald Introduced the USPS Reform Act.  Contents include the following:   If the bill is implemented, the USPS union will not strike and tensions will be calmed due to the bailout money and for preventing the 57 locations from closing. Nationalists and Business groups are not pleased that the government is bailing out the USPS while progressives and moderates are pleased with the result.  Business groups feel that the government is giving them an unfair advantage.  "When a business loses money, they have to face the consequences. Why is the USPS so different?  The USPS's failure is not the tax-payers fault." Nationalists believe that their tax dollars should go to other things.  "If the USPS cannot compete, then let the private sector handle it.  Why are we giving a handout to a poorly run government bureaucracy?" Moderates (Dem and Con) are glad to know that rates will not be going up drastically, and they won't have to fear of mail delays. Progressives are surprisingly pleased with a pro-union decision by the Vang Administration and SML Fitzgerald.  They are happy that the workers can keep their jobs and no facilities have to close. 
    • The President and Secretary of State met with union leaders regarding the dispute.  Ideas and options were discussed but no concrete decision moving forward was decided upon.  The union will see how the President takes action in the short term with his current idea of resolving the issue.
    • The Federal Budget for the next two fiscal years looks set to pass the House of Representatives. Introduced by Rep. Audrey van Horn, the budget looks to decrease the size of the federal deficit amidst a growing concern that the federal deficit is getting too large, towering over $1tn. A surprise for most political analysts as they were expected a bitter partisan fight over the budget process, but all appears to be calm on the hill as it looks likely to move onto the Senate. The budget as written is mostly devoid of any specific policy proposals side from a provision to reduce foreign aid obligations by half, force medicaid/medicare to negotiate for drug prices and eliminate the overseas contingency fund.  The elimination of the overseas contingency fund likely signals the end of most foreign active US missions, such as Syria and Afghanistan ((will be covered in more depth later)). This was likely a trade off with the Democrats agreeing to slash US foreign aid to other countries, though worth noting that Afghanistan receives a large portion of the foreign aid bill.  All eyes are on the Senate as more liberal eyes such as Preston Moss look to the foreign aid budget and other budget sections to see if they are in line with Senate Democratic vision. On the other hand, Republican Senators like Mrs Houston has been quite centrist in her approach to many otherwise "conservative" policy points and eyes are on her to see if she will act as a Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski on this latest budget.
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