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    • Reuters 60 Minutes Around the Globe: Europe -Teresa May ousted by Tory Party during Brexit row. May's "my-way-or-the-highway" soft Brexit split the Conservative party in two. May's plan was the softest of soft Brexits that was characterized by some as the "total, and utter, selling out of Britain to the EU". While the EU simply threw their hands up, with a smirk for those paying attention, the Conservatives rallied around Boris Johnson and his new right hand man, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Much to the dismay of Remainers a VERY hard Brexit appears to be in the office and public support seems to be building for it...even if some of the support is simply from the "get-this-silliness-over-with-already" crowd. -Italy appears to be on the ropes financially and culturally as mass migration appears to show no end in sight. Lots of popularity for what may be a populist leaning coalition between the League and the Five Star Movement. England first, is Italy next? -Finland begins debate on joining NATO, and starts talk about a Scandinavian Regional Alliance.   Asia -Kim Jong-Un, who reality TV star Donald Trump calls, "The Fat Freak", has authorized increased nuclear testing near Japan. -17-year-old boy is at the center of a diplomatic row over Australian deportations of New Zealanders on “character” grounds, with reports of separated families, prolonged detentions and mistreatment of minors. -European Union leaders are in Tokyo signing the group's largest free-trade agreement ever, removing tariffs to boost economic growth and job creation. Mr. Abe also gets Japanese firms back onto a more equal footing in Europe with their rivals from South Korea, who have had the benefit of a free-trade deal with the EU since 2015.   Mexico -Pemex discovers 2nd largest shale reserve in history, just behind China, just waiting to be tapped. -2 years out, Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz appears to be frontrunner to be next Mexican President. -Sinaloa Cartel completely in control of the Mexican state of Sonora.
    • LilMac chooses NSA and Dep. Sec DHS. Sandra Leon at DHS; expert with gizmos some question her loyalty to LilMac. Wei-Tzu Lin at NSA; superduper smart, but also questions about whether he can fix years of broken beurocracy left over from Obama. GOP insiders fear he won't be strong enough to purge the Obamaites. We'll see. #teamset #LilMac
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