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    • Hello again and welcome to yet another special, online segment from APR. I'm Michael Moonwilkins. The reports from inside the EU that reported a deal to lower tariffs between their union and ours has now been denied by both the EU and President Fitzgerald, with EU President Junker claiming that the mentioned report came from a staffer who has since been fired. It appears that the tariffs still stand, and this tumultuous affair is far from over. Negotiations are still open, and other countries have yet to react, so we will see where this economic brinksmanship will bring us. Tune in to APR as we cover it all! And, assuming there are no more special segments, listen next week to hear our interview with Senate Minority Leader Mark Rambor.
    • Hello and welcome to another special, online segment of Nothing Unconsidered from APR. Another stunning turn of events tonight in an ever-unfolding trade saga. After negotiations between the Fitzgerald Administration and the EU, the EU has agreed to drop the proposed retaliatory tariffs in exchange for a promise of an exemption from the steel and aluminum tariffs. This is surely just the first chapter of this trade conflict, because the concessions made to the EU are sure to embolden other countries to impose high retaliatory tariffs as well in hopes of earning exemptions as well. Be sure to stay tuned for all of the updates on this conflict here at APR.
    • Hello and welcome back to Blue Mountain News, I'm your host, Robert Powell. Tonight we have news in our 2020 Presidential race. It has been released the Speaker of the House John Knox, will be running for President. The Arkansas Democrat joins a sparsely populated field with John Delaney, of Maryland 6th district, and Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota running for the Democratic and Republican nominations respectively. This race is shaping up to be a wild one with many more candidates most likely to be declared. We'll keep you updated here at BMN.
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    • Kurt Faulhammer From the Office of House Minority Leader Kurt Faulhammer President Fitzgerald is on the right path in looking beyond eliminating just the retaliatory tariffs placed on the United States by the European Union. Not only are there tariffs placed on many American goods to the European Union, there is even more non-tariff barriers and regulations that unfairly disadvantage American businesses in the European market. Issues such as restrictive licensing and permitting at borders, and unwarranted technical barriers, sanitary and phytosanitary measures taken beyond borders hold American businesses back from reaching their full potential. These issues need to be addressed in any negotiations with EU officials. Real free trade that looks beyond just the issues of tariffs will bring great wealth to both the EU and the United States. For years we've tried to get a deal done but nothing solid has come from the talks. I hope the President and his staff will fight to finally get a free trade deal done with the European Union because our trade with them is greater than any other partner we have.
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    • As prices go up because of tariffs the American people have a simple question “Can you afford four more of Fitz?”
    • As President, I’ll use Executive Orders to terminate Fitzgerald’s follies. Then we’ll let Congress be the lawmaking body. #Constitutionalism