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    A Place of Hope

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    Excerpt from a speech in Detroit, MI. 

    “I have met many people in my time campaigning in this great country. I’ve seen more people than I ever have before. But I’m being asked a question from so many average Americans, “Are you afraid of what will happen to the country if Speaker Macmillan wins?” 

    The plain answer is no. No I’m not. Because the Speaker isn’t this big bad boogeyman, he’s a human being. He’s not incompetent, to say so would be slanderous and lying. It’s not that he’s a bad man, he just has bad ideas. We disagree about the direction to go. 

    But do not vote for me out of fear. Fear makes a do irrational things. Fear causes us to believe that banning Muslims is a good idea. Fear causes us to be afraid of Hispanics. Fear causes us to turn inside ourselves and ignore our allies. When we lash out in fear, we’re focused on surviving, not growing. 

    But I reject fear, and instead embrace Hope. Not the “flip a coin and see what happens” form of hope. But rather a hope that calls us to love those who have lost their homes. It’s the hope of a new dad, saying “this little girl is my second chance. Part of me yet without all the mistakes.” It’s the hope of farmers who know that hard work pays off. That when things go sideways, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and push harder. It’s the hope of children, going to school and growing as people. So we embrace hope, not fear. We choose to believe that there is a better America and a brighter day than one we stand in today. We choose Hope”

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