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  • A Victory in the Fight on Behalf of Marylanders and the American People

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    From Senator Jackson:

    I am happy to announce that my call for President Fitzgerald to rescind his nomination of Admiral Cabot was a successful one! I am happy for this win for all Americans; we, hopefully, will no longer have to worry about a Secretary of State who does not respect or acknowledge Congress as co-equal branch of government worthy. In his announcement, the president noted that the Admiral had a personal matter that arose. However, we know that if this was indeed the case, there would have been an announcement days ago when the calls for Admiral Cabot to appear were first made. Furthermore, I admonish the president for coming forward sooner if the Admiral truly had a personal matter to attend to that prevented his participation in Congressional hearings.

    I am concerned, however, about my Republican colleagues who continually pushed to have this nominee confirmed without any account to the American public about the type of Secretary of State that he would be. This shameful and unabashed attempt to put party before country is the reason why Americans see Congress as more divided as ever. We have the Democrats fighting to represent our constituents and make the best decisions on behalf the American people whereas our republican colleagues care for nothing more than trying to prop up a party that no longer stands for the ideals established so long ago by President Lincoln and his contemporaries when thy founded the Republican Party. I pray that these wayward souls find there way or that the American people take advantage of their ability to hold us accountable and vote out these senators who care more about their party than the American public.

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