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  • Admiral Chabot Remains Silent

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    From the office of Sen. Jackson:

    ”It is both insulting and shameful that Admiral Chabot has remained silent throughout his entire confirmation hearing. What’s worse, now the republican party wants us to confirm him anyway. Has the GOP decided they want nothing more than to make a mockery of the Senate? Admiral Chabot has answered neither the hard questions nor the easy ones. Who on good conscious can vote to confirm him? We are here to represent our constituents so that we can make the best decisions possible for this great nation of ours. My lack of enthusiasm for Sec. Bateman is well-noted, but the secretary replied to every question and has made himself available for further public comment. While I disagree with him on many issues, we have a shared respect for the Senate and its Constitutional role to confirm presidential appointees. I not inly call on my colleagues to refuse a vote to the admiral, I call on President Fitzgerald to rescind the nomination.”

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