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  • Alexander talks about protecting children from cigarettes

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    John Alexander is quoted in saying the following statement,

    ”Today I, along with Congresswoman O’Dwyer introduced the School Tobacco and Alcohol Restriction Act. The goal of this bill is to prohibit the operation of smoke and alcohol stores near schools. If there is a supermarket near a school, it cannot sell cigarettes or alcohol near the time that students are released. In addition, sale of cigarettes and alcohol will have certain restrictions near hospitals and places of worship. Smoking and drinking has no place in these areas. In addition, to protect against drunk driving, alcohol stores are prohibited close to highways. Are children are our most valueable resource and they must be protected against the dreadly grip of nicotine and alcohol. I appreciate the willingness of Mrs. O’Dwyer yo come across the aisle and join me in protecting our children. I urge speaker Faulhammer to put this bill on the docket as soon as possible. Our countries future depends on it.”

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