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    Bloomfield Declares Candidacy for the Senate

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    Bloomfield Declares Candidacy for the Senate

    Alexander Bloomfield announced his candidacy for the US Senate in his hometown of Romeo, Michigan.

    “My name is Alexander Bloomfield and I am running to be the next Senator from Michigan.  I am the current Representative from Michigan's 10th congressional district and prior to that I was an economics professor at MSU.  The congressional record will show that I have been a vocal voice on the House floor and in the press, working to bridge divides and make legislation better.  I have both agreed and disagreed with members of my party in votes and on the floor because I believe that people of my district want smart and independent representation, not blind partisanship.

    This is part of why I'm running for Senate.  I believe that the people of Michigan want a thoughtful Senator, not a partisan one.  They want a Senator who is willing to disagree with their party but if they do stand with their party, they should be able to articulate responsible reasons for doing so.  They want a Senator that can explain what they're doing and why.  The people crave thoughtfulness and effectiveness.  I'm going to deliver on that and I have already been doing so in the House.

    In my time in the House, I've been vocal on nearly every bill that has come before the House.  I've debated for and against bills sponsored by my fellow party members and those on the other side.  I've worked to improve the language of bills related to sexual assault and argued forthrightly about reforming our immigration and refugee systems to be more fair, transparent and in line with the wishes of the American people.  I've explained through the press and in the House chambers why I'm for or against a bill, and explained my reasoning publicly for every bill I've introduced and what my bills will seek to accomplish.  I believe that is something the people of Michigan want and it's part of why I believe I can win.

    Some people have said that I can't win and that Debbie Stabenow can't be beat because she's been in office too long.  I disagree with that, or else I wouldn't be running.  Debbie Stabenow is vulnerable despite being an eighteen-year incumbent because she hasn't had a strong challenge since her election in 2000.  She rode anti-Bush sentiment in '06, Obama's coattails in 2012, and is hoping to coast in again on partisanship this year.  We don't need to let that happen.

    Stabenow is also vulnerable because she hasn't been particularly loyal or committed to serving and representing the people of Michigan.  A quick journey to opensecrets.org will show you that over half of her campaign contributions are coming from out-of-state. (https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/geography?cid=N00004118&cycle=2018)  I don't think the people of Michigan want to reward a Senator taking so much money from New York and California with a fourth-term in office.

    Yet despite all of her lengthy time in office, longer than some people here have been alive, Debbie also has an unimpressive record and a lack of accomplishments.  She's been in the Senate for eighteen years and has only had five bills that she personally sponsored become law, and two of them were to name federal buildings! (https://www.congress.gov/member/deborah-stabenow/S000770?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22Stabenow%22%5D%2C%22bill-status%22%3A%22law%22%2C%22sponsorship%22%3A%22sponsored%22%7D)

    Let's contrast that with my one-term in office where I was able to get a substantive bill that I introduced, the Made in America Act, signed into law.  That law will empower the people to know if the products they buy are truly made in America, encouraging people to purchase those products if that's something they want to do, thereby rewarding manufacturers for doing so.  This will help drive more business towards American businesses and create jobs in the long-term.  I've also introduced bills to lower business taxes for investing in infrastructure, encouraging insourcing from overseas into the US to create new jobs, and promoting education and transparency in drug pricing and financial loans.  I will seek to bring this mentality into the Senate.

    I'm also concerned with the ideological and partisan nature of trade that we've seen in recent years.  There's little to no acknowledgment of the trade-offs that are involved in the trade deals.  The effects of these deals, whether pro or con, are rarely acknowledged.  The lack of transparency, the public being unable to honestly judge the merits of a proposal, in these deals are deeply concerning.  Our government is supposed to negotiate on our behalf, for the most broad good of all, but we are denied the information needed to judge our government's performance.  As a Senator, I will work to make that end and ensure that any trade deals we make in the future are clear and provide more information to the people.  We must also deeply reconsider the trade deals we have and which ones we want to continue.  As your Senator, I will not knee-jerk reflexively support or oppose any trade deal, instead I will do my best to judge each proposed deal on its merits and do my best to ensure the good effects ultimately outweigh the bad.  That's what the people of Michigan want in their Senator, and that's what I will work to deliver.

    The people of Michigan also want freedom.  They want financial freedom and political freedom.  We want to know that our hard work will be rewarded financially and that we have actual choices in our lives.  Too many times in the past we've seen government regulations and programs that were passed on the promises of reducing costs and increase choice ultimately drive up costs for taxpayers and decrease choice.  As your Senator, I will always keep in mind the necessity of preserving freedom and advancing its cause where possible.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am campaigning to be your next Senator because I believe that you want a Senator who is fresh and thoughtful.  I believe you want a Senator that clearly explains himself, what he believes and why.  I believe you want a Senator who doesn't coast on national sentiments or national interest groups or is financially beholden to out-of-state, instead I will be a Senator whom is loyal to you.  I will be a Senator who seeks to make substantive accomplishments for the people of Michigan.  I will work to balance the interests of businesses, labor, and the people.  I will be a Senator who supports trade deals that work for you.  I will be a Senator who works to get more information into the hands of the people.  I will be a Senator who expands freedom, not restricts it.  I will be your Senator who works!”

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