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    Bloomfield Praises TPP Withdrawal

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    Bloomfield Praises TPP Withdrawal


    "The President's decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership was the right one.  Many aspects of the negotiations and various criticisms of the aspects of the agreement being made by trade representatives were prohibited from being shared publicly.  A bill back in 2012, sponsored by Senator Wyden of Oregon, which would have allowed members of Congress access to such information as provided by US Trade Representative was never passed.  In 2015, Senator Rand Paul objected to the fast tracking of the TPP due to the secretive nature of these negotiations.  There was a bi-partisan basis and consensus to be skeptical of the TPP and that viewpoint prevails due to the President's decision."

    "As a matter of general thought, free trade is good.  Knowing what you're actually agreeing to when you sign a deal is even better."

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