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    Bolster: These Nominations Must Go Through Committee

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    Bolster: These Nominations Must Go Through Committee

    Washington, DC -- Senate Majority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) voted against the floor vote to bring up for the debate, for both the Vice President and Secretary of State nominees under newly sworn in President Kyle Fitzgerald (R). In his statement, Senator Bolster stated that "these nominations should not bypass committee procedures" saying that the Senate should not rush to confirm anyone who is nominated by the president without careful congressional vetting and hearings through committees. "It is the Senate's responsibility to raise a check on the Executive Branch by confirming Executive nominations by the President and this effort to rush these two nominations through the Senate is absurd." Senator Bolster said that his vote does not mean he, in the end, would vote against these nominees, however, that his vote is to preserve the protocol and procedures of the Senate and to make sure that the nominees are qualified for the offices they were chosen to serve.

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