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    Bolster: We Cannot Bypass Congress with these nominations

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    Bolster: We Cannot Bypass Congress With These Nominations

    Washington, DC -- Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) defended the Democrats reasoning for supporting committee hearings of President Fitzgerald's nominations for Vice-President and Secretary of State. "The 25th Amendment states that the Vice President shall be nominated by the president and confirmed by both houses of Congress," he stated. "When Gerald Ford was nominated for Vice President under this new amendment, he was nominated by President Nixon and sat through extensive hearings and vetting by Congress to make sure he was qualified and able to carry out the responsibilities and President." Senator Bolster also noted the nomination of Vice President Rockefeller stated that he "also went through extensive committee hearings." 

    In his remarks, Senator Bolster stated that "we cannot bypass Congress on this responsible check on the federal branch." He continued by saying that "it is basic civics that when the president makes a nomination the Congress must hold the nominee accountable by performing extreme vetting procedures to protect the checks on government." Senate Minority Leader Bolster warned the Senate Republicans that "we must follow precedent and the Constitution."

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