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    Press Office of Representative Ethan Burch
    Serving the Great State of Texas
    Giving America Values
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    Press Secretary Eleanor Kennedy

    Washington D.C. -- Congressman Burch released a statement in support of the amendment that protects undocumented veterans as well as grants them a "permanent resident" status.


    The United States was created as a Republican form of government, meaning we are ruled by law, which are the Constitution and the laws that have been constitutionally passed by the United States Federal Government. For many many years, the United States has allowed undocumented immigrants to join the military and National Guard, and more than 60% of them are deported a few years after service. There is no law protecting them against the deportations of these veterans.

     With the help of Congressman Arnold, we constructed an amendment to the current immigration bill that is on the House Floor that would protect not only undocumented veterans, but also current and future undocumented servicemen and women from deportation. We even went a step further into adding a clause that granted these people the United States Permanent Resident status without the threat of revoking their access. It is a win for undocumented immigrants, but also an easier way for them to remain in this country without the fear of deportation. We must continue to protect these people from the punishment that they face here and the negativity they face at their home.



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