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    Castle Doctrine Hurts America's Safety

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    Michael Jones of West Bend holds a large banner while taking part in a demonstration against the castle doctrine law Sunday in front of the Washington County Courthouse.


    Castle Doctrine Hurts America's Safety

    Washington, DC -- In committee, Senate Republicans have proposed legislation to enact a nationwide "stand-your-ground" law that would allow for homeowners to use a firearm to shoot a person that enters their property or their home. In his remarks during the committee hearing Senate Minority Leader Markus Bolster (D-NY) spoke about his concerns with the law calling it a step in down the wrong path and a way that could harm the safety of Americans instead of protecting them. 


    In states like Florida, which the Senator referred to, enacted a form of the Castle Doctrine which in 2013 was the highlight of controversy over the Trayvon Martin death that sparked national and international outrage about race relations in the United States. "If we enact this law nationwide we could possibly see a rise in innocent killings regardless of our citizens race," he said. He also spoke about an indecent in Detroit where an innocent African-American woman was killed when looking for assistance after a car accident. "This law will lead our nation to more division and could lead to path of racial basis and a large divide between our citizens."


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