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  • Doyle opposed School Choice Bill

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    It's a damn shame that the GOP keeps pushing for ill-advised, poorly thought out schemes to keep the rich richer and make it harder for poor people to get ahead in America.

    I'm all for bipartisanship. And unlike the Republicans would have you believe, I am not opposed to solving problems without government involvement. 

    But for God's sake, ladies and gentlemen, on the issues that matter most, especially education and healthcare, the government is a beneficiant force. A level playing field is a must. 

    School choice has its merits, but I will not allow the Republicans to cut public education. Education is not a business to be make money off of. It is a necessary service that our taxpayer dollars go to. 

    Therefore, I oppose the upcoming bill and I would encourage my colleagues across the aisle to rethink the way to reform our educational system. 

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