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  • Doyle opposes Fitzgerald on Cuba

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    From the office of DNC Chair Jack Doyle:

    I'm disappointed that the President has announced plans to fully normalize relations with Cuba.  Here are just a few reasons why this is a bad idea. 

                                             1. It would help only the tyrants in charge, none of the average Cubans would benefit whatsoever

                                             2. Cuba remains on the U.S. "State Sponsors of Terrorism" list.


                                             3. Cuba has not released all the political prisoners Obama said the regime had promised to free during Cuban-American discussions. 


                                             4. Their values and philosophy of government is directly opposed to the American way of life and in no way will I allow us to prop up a dictator again. 


                                             5.  And most importantly, majority of Americans oppose the decision.  

    I call on President Fitzgerald to take his slogan "America First" a little more seriously.  Diplomacy is always the way forward, but this heavy handed, poorly thought out scheme is not the way to improve relations between the United States and Cuba.  

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