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  • Doyle speaks on Democratic Candidates

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    A few days ago, someone told me that they thought Mr. Ward wasn't sufficiently liberal to be a democratic nominee or something to that effect.  I would just like to clear the air a bit.  

    First off, all of the candidates that have announced I have great respect for, and I will defend them from ridiculous attacks.  As to being liberal enough, I would like to point out that all candidates announced agree on basic, small d democratic values.  The right to form a union, the idea that health care is a right and not a privilege, overturning Citizens United, and conservation of the environment.  

    Do we have our differences? Of course.  And those running for President will discuss their differences.  That's what debates are for.  But what unites us is much more than what divides us.  That's the bottom line.  Progressive, moderate, and conservative democrats can all agree on those areas listed above.  That's why I am confident that the party will unite.  And with my limited involvement on the race, we will have a fair process that will allow all viewpoints to be heard.  


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