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  • Doyle speaks on Ward

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    Well friends, 

    It's been an interesting several weeks.  And now, after our well-handled primary, we have our nominee: Calvin Ward of Arkansas.

    Cal and I have been on the same side on a lot of issues, while we diverged on a few issues near the end, we share the same vision for America.

    At the center of our vision are the key issues facing the working class.  For too long in this country, working people have gotten the shaft.  And it is time to get back to our commitment to their best interests.  The right to form a union, the right to affordable healthcare, and better vocational training for those entering the blue collar realm.  

    In addition, these issues can only be solved if we end the corporate cash flowing into our government from those who enjoy the status quo, domestic or foreign.  Cal has pledged to not take any PAC money in this race, and that my friends, is a step forward for America.

    The Democratic Party is a big tent, and we are for anyone who works hard and is trying to get ahead in America.  I'm from West Virginia, and those in my district know that I march to my own drummer.  I do disagree with the national party on a few issues, but I'm a West Virginia Democrat.  We are fiscally responsible and socially compassionate, we know what's fair and what's not.  But, dinner table disagreements are one thing, complete different philosophies on how we run government is quite another.  Cal and I believe in a government that does right by working people, by the people who would otherwise have no voice in the corridor of power, giving them a voice.  

    And if you believe in these values, you better be voting Calvin Ward once November comes around!  

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