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    Faulhammer: Ward Condemns Tax Cuts For Rich, Promotes Bill With Tax Cuts For The Rich

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    Kurt Faulhammer

    From the Office of Speaker Kurt Faulhammer

    In a press release recently Representative Calvin Ward went after the construction of walls and fencing for border security. He said they don't work despite what we have seen in the Israel's West Bank and Sinai Peninsula, and in Hungary. He says the money is better spent on educational infrastructure which we can afford if we do not give the rich a tax cut. The only problem is the infrastructure bill he's proposed gives a tax cut to the rich he just doesn't want you to notice that. His bill goes from the current 20% rate of Capital Gains tax and reduces it to 17.5%. The bill would likely leave us with a deficit of over one trillion dollars on the single bill alone. If he wants to prove me wrong he can take it up wit the Congressional Budget Office but I don't think he will. If we can't afford $12 billion over four years for constructing new physical barriers what makes him think $1 trillion is affordable? The guy known for making pig noises on TV sure likes his pork barrel spending. The truth is Mr. Ward just doesn't care much about a secure border even though we've lost thousands of American lives at the hands of illegal aliens. That's why he co-signed the Three-Year Border and DACA Extension Act because whatever bill does the least on border security is the one he wants even if that bill adds to the national debt while the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act does not. The GOP is not afraid of immigrants, we just value the law and the lives of our own citizens first over illegal aliens.

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