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  • Fitzgerald Wades into Dangerous Territory

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    I stand in solidarity wth Gov. Brown and the people of California. However, the president does indeed have the power to activate a state or territory’s national guard if necessary. The problem comes when the president chooses to do so without first consulting the governor, or, in the case of a rogue state government, offering steps between the present state and activating the national guard without the governor’s consent. In doing so, President Fitzgerald turned the proverbial dial “up to eleven.” For being the party of “small government” and “state autonomy,” Pres. Fitzgerald and his followers seem quick to take action into their own hands, hastily pulling the federal government into matters without fully reflecting on the consequences of doing so.

    We as a nation, and Gov. Brown and California, now need to deal with our present situation. Anger and disappointment have been expressed, now it is time for everyone to come together and try to reconcile. We want states that follow federal law, but we also want a federal executive who respects the states’ authority. Unity is the way forward. We are a country the size of a continent, we have fifty states, a federal District, and five populated territories, we have a history that dates all the way back to when the first humans crossed the Bering landbridge and have continually played an integral part in many major world events since the so-called Age of Exploration. The United States, against all odds, continues to be the strong world leader we all love and take pride in. The only way we have made it this far, and the only way we will continue onward and upward, is through strengthening our unity. Talking out our problems, finding common ground, and striving to be connected instead of “right.” We have it in us and I pray that we are able to let it grow and shine bright once again.

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