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  • Goals For Next Session

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    If the people of New Mexico see their way to give me another term in office here are my following 5 goals I plan to tackle head-on from the beginning of my session.

    1: Universal Basic Income

    Single Individuals making less than $50k per year and Couples making less than $75k per year would be qualified for a $1k per month Universal Basic Income which would bolster GDP and help the economy boom once again. We have proven time and again giving tax breaks and incentives to millionaires and billionaires do not "trickle down" it does not result in promotions or higher pay or even creating more jobs.  All rich people do when they earn that money is to spend it overseas on luxury items like yachts so they don't have to pay US Sales Tax where it does us no benefit or they pocket the money. 

    I have found a way to make the cost-revenue neutral so that it wouldn't affect our economy.  First, we could eliminate food stamps and TANF because both would be helped greater by a UBI which saves us $125 billion per year. Secondly we could take away one out of every 3 dollars someone on Social Security or Social Security DIsability receive which would equate to this if somebody made $1,500 per month on Social Security they would instead receive $1,000 in Social Security and $1,000 UBI so they would still be coming out better than they went in. This would raise an additional $325 billion per year bringing us up to $450 billion per year in savings.  Next we could create a $50/ton Carbon Tax which would raise $150 billion per year bringing our total to $600 billion per year.  Lastly I would lift the cap on Sociinnial Security so that everyone pays in no matter how much they earn.  This would create an additional $380 billion in revenue and now our UBI has more than paid for itself at $980 billion dollars. 

    2: Pre-K Expansion

    Every child should have access to Pre-K and I will not be satisfied until every parent who wants to send their child to Pre-K has the ability and is paid for by the Federal Government because access to quality education is a universal basic right and should not just be a benefit for the rich. 

    3: Creating Fairer Taxes On Large Corporations

    Right now 67% of Americans agree with the statement "Corporations are taxed too little."  I will seek to end that and make sure that Corporations start having to pay their fair share along with the richest 10% of Americans. 

    4: Medicare Single-Payer Health Care

    More and more Americans are beginning to list Health Care as a primary concern in this election. If elected again I will continue to push for a single-payer health care system and will urge Democrats and Republicans to finally come to their senses and help us pass the kind of Health Care reform Americans want and deserve. 

    5: Limit Executive Pay

    I feel CEO's and other executives should be limited to giving themselves raises based on the average percent they raised the wage for their workers combined for the previous year so if a CEO gave less than a 5% jump in pay for his workers than he should be limited to a less than 5% raise as well.  I think this is fair and the greatest way to see that wages don't remain stagnant but workers actually get raises that can help themselves and their families with. 

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