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  • Gonzalez Endorses Manning Shames Macmllan For Spreading Lies

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    Today Congressman Gabriel Gonzalez went to Baltimore, MD and held a town hall to speak on behalf of his endorsement of Chelsea Manning.

    Today, Speaker Macmillan went one step short of calling Chelsea Manning a traitor stating that when she approached WikiLeaks and various print media sources about exposing the truth and should have been protected by our own countries whistleblower laws instead she was mistreated while in confinement on several repeat occasions she was made to spend long stretches alone in solitary confinement and even made to sleep completely naked from head to foot while in confinement.  Chelsea Manning had the following to say before her sentence was handed down.

    "When I chose to disclose classified information... I did so out of love for our country and a sense of duty for others. If you deny my request for a pardon I will serve my time knowing that sometimes you have to pay a heavy price to live in a free society." the information we were given not only showed a video of a U.S. Apache helicopter opening fire on a group of suspected insurgents in Baghdad in which among the dead were two journalists who worked for the Reuters news agency. We also saw the truth about how life was unbearable at Guantanamo Bay and how we were mistreating prisoners even going as far as outright violating the Geneva convention we expect others to live up to when it comes to the treatment of American prisoners. 

    When we act like Cowboys of the Western World and we flex our muscle in places it ought not to be flexed is it not supposed to reflect badly and give our soldiers the wrong idea?  One soldier had the right idea of what kind of Country we should want to live in and that is Chelsea Manning's vision of America a land where we should be held accountable for our actions, where we should want to lead the world by example Allow me to quote one of the ACLU's lawyers who helped defend Chelsea Manning Chase Strangio “Chelsea is someone who has taken on a great personal risk and tremendous personal cost to do something she thought was in the best interest of the public,”

    Despite the lies of people like Speaker Macmillan there is no proof that what Chelsea Manning did cost lives in fact there is evidence that quite the opposite happened after suing under the Freedom of Information Act the Defense Department was made to release it's secret 2011 Defense Department Report that looked into the impact of the Manning leaks the following has come out since the report was prepared by 20 federal agencies who reviewed the leaked classified documents line-by-line. On the War in Iraq, the Defense Department concluded: "with high confidence that disclosure of the Iraq data set will have no direct personal impact on current and former US leadership in Iraq". The report also concluded that there would be no "significant impact" on US war operations in Afghanistan. It's time we allow Chelsea Manning to be the hero we all know she is and it's time we lend our support to her for Senate I ask everyone here today to join me in supporting Chelsea Manning's campaign for Senate.

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