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  • Gonzalez Responds To Calling Immigrants "Rapists and Child Molesters."

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    Today the President equated illegal immigrants to "rapists and child molesters" in a recent interview with Allyn Freedom.  Mr. President, my parents were illegal immigrants when they came to this country and to refer to my parents as "rapists and child molesters" is something I will not stand for.  My parents are hard working people my dad worked long hours in the Strawberry Fields and my mother put herself through college and became a public school teacher.  They finally went through the proper paperwork and became legal US Citizens but were not able to accomplish their dream of becoming US Citizens for many years.  What you've said is a slap in the face not only to myself, my parents, my siblings and all of my family but to the millions of legal and "illegal" immigrants in the United States. That's about 50 million Americans you owe a sincere apology to Mr. President.  

    Effective immediately I will be filing a censure for the disparaging remarks made about Mexican immigrants and I urge all to co-sponsor and pass this censure to show that no man is above reproach least of all the President of the United States who should be held at the highest standard.

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