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  • Gonzalez Response To DNC Newly Elected Chairman

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    In Doyle's first act as newly elected DNC Chair he referred to working with Blue Dog Democrats.  For those unfamiliar with Blue Dog Democrats these are Democrats who oppose immigration, who favor fiscal conservatism, who support the NRA, and are pro-life.  Blue Dogs tend to be pro-business, favoring lower corporate tax rates, limiting public welfare spending and reducing Social Security benefits.  This is a direct slap in the face to the Social Justice and Progressive wings that Democrats tended to rely on outside of Southern states to get elected. 

    There is a difference between working toward the spirit of bi-partisanship and spitting on the face of those who elected you and trusted you to speak for their values.  Democrats have abandoned a majority of their base and I believe there must be a future way forward absent of Democratic or Republican Parties.  It is a time and it was clearly spelled out in Chairman Doyle's press release where we need to recognize our views are no longer accepted or welcomed and we must fight to create a new party that will represent the values of hard working Americans.  For the past week I have seen my approvals take a dip due to my heavy handed approach toward the Democratic Party I once knew and loved but after Chairman Doyle's Presser and electing a Blue Dog to replace a Progressive it can no longer be denied that the Democratic Party has turned it's back on liberalism and on social welfare in exchange for a seat at President Fitzgerald's table.  Their plan to win seats is to become so much like the Republican Party that you can no longer tell them apart.  I ask all Social Justice Warriors, all Progressives and all Enviornmentalists to join with me in denouncing this "New Way Forward" for the Democratic Party and join with me as we push for a new party that will speak to our values because after Chairman Doyle's press release it's clear the party that was once run by the left has abandoned them once and for all.

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