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  • Gonzalez Speaks On Immigration

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    Today, I had to listen to a former Democratic colleague refer to all “Illegal immigrants” as criminals.  I have heard this same line of thinking from Republicans in the past and it’s sickening.  I’m not going to get into who said it or in what context because I’m not here to ostracize the Democrat for not knowing better but I am here to offer the “counter” that the Democrat should have used first when referring to illegal immigrants and I use this PR only as a teaching tool not an attack board. 

    First of all imagine you come from a third world country not thousands of miles away but you woke up every morning to greet a new day not even a few hundred miles where people have rights to life, liberty and property that you could only dream about.  You woke up not resenting those who have these rights they take for granted but envious of the abilities they do have.  You wake up one morning to find out that the wife you love and care about now has an infant on the way and you know life in this country would harm or injure his chance to develop into what he could become if given the same chances on the other side of the border in the new country called America.  Now would you fight for your child?  Would you “break” any law to assure your child had rights and abilities you could only dream about if given the chance to be born into this new country?  Now you’re starting to understand my store and my parent’s story.  My parents left Mexico so that I could become a United States Citizen and be born with rights they dare not even dream of. 

    Once they get here however they fear for their unborn child not because of the great advances in Medicine but because of people’s fear of the “brown man” they are forced to live in a fog of suspicion worried that if they do come out and dare tell people they came into this country to provide a better life for their unborn child that they may be thrown out of the country.  I equate this crime to the “crime” of stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family but if anybody stole a loaf of bread to feed their family and was arrested there would probably be massive outcries and a community would come together to try and aide the family.  No community outreach unfortunately for brown people just rumors and suspicion and the thought that they are out to steal peoples jobs and waste welfare when the truth is the majority of welfare recipients are now brown they are white. If this was a white couple who fought for a better life for their children we would call that “living the American dream” fighting to improve the quality of life for the next generation of American’s but when those people are brown and dare come from places like Mexico or Cuba they aren’t referred to as people who want to live the “American dream” they’re referred to as criminals, rapists and child molesters like the President referred to people like myself as in his recent interview with the media.

    Something needs to change and it won’t be changed by building a wall, kicking out immigrants or further dividing the race barriers it comes by knocking down those race barriers and thinking of people as human beings first with the same rights to dignity and ability to live as we have.  I ask citizens of New Mexico and all United States citizens to join me in breaking down these barriers not constructing new ones. 

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