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  • Gonzalez "The Time For A UBI Is Upon Us."

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    The time for a Universal Basic Income has come.  I believe we should be giving $1,000 dollars a month to single individuals earning less than $50,000 and married couples earning less than $75,000 this would be enough to boost the GDP and stimulate spending without breaking the bank.  Next session if elected to a second term I will be promoting the UBI bill including cost-cutting measures and a more progressive tax on the top 10 percent to help pay for this legislation. I hope I can work with Republicans and Democrats and come up with a UBI system all parties could support because it's time we try trickle up economics because everyone from Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg have supported a UBI and people like Robert Reich have said that we need to give money to the bottom because they will spend it on real needs which will boost our economy we've proven time in and out that when we give tax breaks and incentives to the richest Americans they only pocket the savings not hire more workers or give promotions like Republicans always use as their reasoning for giving tax benefits to the rich. 

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