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    Granata Talks EU, Fitzgerald EO With Reporters

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    As he left the Capitol late yesterday afternoon, Florida’s Senior Senator Anthony Granata (R) answered questions for the press. 


    Senator, Is the deteroriation of the European Union good or bad for the United States?

     “In terms of the new trade agreements the United States will now be able to enter into, it’s a big deal.  You know, the EU acts as big brother looking over all these countries’ shoulders.  The less power they have the better for the United States. We want to  enter into trade agreements that are good for both us and the countries we trade with.  We shouldn’t have to seek approval from anyone else other than the nations involved.  It’s good to see these nations becoming independent and voicing their own concerns. Anytime that happens it’s a win for the United States and it’s a win for that nation.” 


    Is President Fitzgerald's Executive Order to allow only white refugees from South Africa racist? 

    “Look, we really need to get away from accusing people for being racist and bigoted for rhetorical purposes.  The order was signed because the president feels that this certain group of people needs assylum.  They are not terrorists, they meet requirements to become refugees in the eyes the president, and I’m sure he feels they could be a benefit to the United States. This is what an America first agenda looks like.  Democrats can call it racist all they want.  It’s just rhetoric. They know it,  I know it, everyone knows it. They just came off a terrible election loss and they need something to talk about, frankly, other than their deep disconnect with the American people. It’s very unfortunate.”

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