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    Karl Cox Endorses John Knox

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    Karl Cox (D-TN) released a video online earlier today endorsing Speaker John Knox just ahead of the Iowa primary


    Today I'd like to talk about a man that I think is the best choice for the Presidency--someone who knows how to lead and has the right ideas and values to take us in the right direction as a country. That man is John Knox.

    Since becoming Speaker of the House, John and I have become close friends. He is a passionate guy; passionate about helping people in need, supporting American values , and bringing back the American dream. He believes in the separation of powers and fighting government overreach. He loves his country, and he'll do anything to make it better.

    As speaker, he's battled Republican obstructionism and still managed to pass bills that support American families, fight an executive that's out of control, and push for justice. He's not interested in politics--he's interested in doing what's right.

    He's had to endure desperate right-wing attacks, mostly focusing on petty parliamentary issues since they can't touch his character or leadership, and I'm sure he'll have to endure many more. But at the end of the day, I hope the American people will be able to see through the nonsense and see that John Knox is the right man for the job. 

    You want better education? You want better healthcare? You want a President that understands he's not a king? You want constitutional war powers? You want an end to the tariffs hurting American industry? Vote for John Knox. He has a better vision for America, and I'm with him all the way.

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