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    Parker On Completed Session: "Important Victories for Gun Owners"

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    David Parker

    Parker On Completed Session:

    "Important Victories for Gun Owners"


    Tennessee Senator David Parker made the following comments to gathered reporters in Washington this morning on Congress' action in the field of firearms legislation today.




    Gun owners won several important victories during this session of Congress. The Antique Firearms Definition Act is the most important revision of gun law since the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986. It lifts needless paperwork and administrative requirements from small businessmen with limited resources. I told the People of Tennessee I would get Washington out of their gun cabinet, and this is only the first step. And we passed a Bill to allow people with handgun permits NOT issued by the District of Columbia to legally carry handguns here, joining 42 States with similar law. Reciprocity is another area where I will be working with State gun owner organizations like the Tennessee Firearms Association as well as with the NRA to move this Nation forward. I said the other day there's no good reason why your rights should be infringed on just because you crossed a river, and I am pleased Congress agreed with me and further that the President signed this important Bill into law. I saw where Secretary of Defense Shields amended the Defense Department's outdated ban on carry permits on military posts, too. I'm really looking forward to next session; my people are hard at work drafting new legislation to further reduce the Federal Government's interference in America's First Freedom, the right to keep and bear arms.

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