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    Parker on ISIS Strikes

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    David Parker

    The Vice President made the following comments in response to ongoing airstrikes in Syria.


    I saw the President's address a few minutes ago, and it bears mentioning that ISIS was mentioned as a motivator for the person whose name I will never use who shot the four Marines and the Sailor in Chattanooga one terrible Thursday morning in July 2015. The war came to the Navy's front door that day, and I was live remote from Amnicola Highway a few days later. I have NEVER even HEARD of a community doing what Chattanooga did for their tiny Navy and Marine Corps community. "Chattanooga Strong" isn't just a bumper sticker slogan. It's a way of life, but I digress.

    The President's bold action will without a doubt bring an end to one of the most serious threats to the West in existence. ISIS called down the thunder and they're gonna' get it, as Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp said years ago in the Tombstone movie. As the men and women of our Armed Forces go into harm's way, they go with our prayers and best wishes.


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