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    President and SecDef Speak at Victory Parade

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    The White House
    For Immediate Release

    Washington, DC – President Kyle Fitzgerald and Secretary of Defense Cristobal Solivar spoke to military personnel, spectators, and assembled press following a parade in commemoration of America’s victory over ISIS.

    Secretary of Defense Cristobal Solivar: 

    “Today we celebrate the conclusion of a hard fought campaign against a determined, evil enemy. This enemy has been a unique challenge, having been as adept in the use of social media as they were cruel and sadistic in their treatment of women and children. From their bases in Syria, this enemy has terrorized civilians across the globe, from Belgium to Afghanistan, Texas to Baghdad. 

    “We have had to mount a truly global response, working with allies to destroy supply lines, interdict communications, and disrupt recruiting. At the same time, our troops worked diligently to identify, fix, and destroy ISIS ground forces in Syria. This operation was carried out with a combination of precision, and speed, and boldness the enemy did not expect. And they paid for it dearly. 

    “The character of our military through history — the daring of Normandy, the fierce courage of Iwo Jima, the decency and idealism that turned enemies into allies — is fully present in this generation. When Syrian civilians looked into the faces of our servicemen and women, they saw strength, and kindness, and good will. When I look at the members of the United States military, I see the best of our country, and I am honored to be able to announce that we have accomplished our mission in Syria. 

    “We have systematically destroyed ISIS. Our nation is proud of this accomplishment and it is you, the members of the United States military, who achieved it. Your courage — your willingness to face danger for your country and for each other — made this day possible. Because of you, our nation is more secure. Because of you, this evil is no more. Because of you, The Syrian people, and the people of the world once terrorized by these evil men, can now begin to rebuild. God bless America, and God bless our Armed Forces.”

    President Kyle Fitzgerald:

    “America has faced some enemies of extraordinary evil during our history, and ISIS was among the worst of them. This group of Islamic Extremists were responsible for multiple attacks and dozens of deaths on American soil in recent years. In the 2016 election, Dylan Macmillan and I promised that we would formulate and execute a plan to defeat ISIS. This plan started under the direction of former Secretary of Defense Richard Pace and included a relentless aerial assault against ISIS targets in Syria. Since the beginning of the operation, our Air Force and Navy ran over 13,000 sorties and dropped over 20,000 bombs and missiles, destroying ISIS infrastructure, materials and terrorists in the process. Recently, our intelligence discovered the location of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Syria. A strike against him was authorized, and it was successful.  The death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the culmination of our campaign against ISIS and ensured their swift and ultimate defeat. Our men and women in uniform have returned home from Syria with honor and are here today in our nation’s capital. To you I say, welcome home. I want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you who were involved in this campaign. Because of your sacrifices, America and the world are much safer. Thank you, and God bless America.”

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