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    President Celebrates Strong Economy

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    The White House
    For Immediate Release

    Washington, DC – President Kyle Fitzgerald celebrated strong economic indicators at a press briefing. 

    “The economic policies under this administration are working. Since Dylan Macmillan and I took office, we have taken bold steps to improve our economy. We enacted a $1.5 trillion economic stimulus that is rebuilding our infrastructure, our national parks, and our military. We repealed Obamacare and all of the burdensome taxes that came along with it. We enacted historic tax reform that cut taxes for households and companies while protecting American manufacturers and their employees. We repealed dozens of Obama era energy regulations and allowed for more oil drilling both on and off shore. And we began the implementation of the America First Trade Policy with tariffs on steel and aluminum products. 

    “All of these policies are working just as intended. In 2016 – Barack Obama’s last year in office – our GDP growth rate was an anemic 1.6%. Today our GDP is growing at a rate of 3.2% per quarter – double the speed it was growing before we took office. Unemployment has gone down, too. And thanks to our America First energy policy that prioritizes domestic production, the United States is now the world’s number one crude oil producer. Back in 2016, nobody thought we could accomplish these things. Nobody thought we could get 3% economic growth or overtake Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer. But we have. Gone are the days of a stagnant economy. Gone are the days of relying on the rest of the world to keep our cars running. We are entering a new era of prosperity for our country."

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