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    President Endorses Macmillan

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    The White House
    For Immediate Release

    Houston, TX – At a campaign rally in Texas, President Kyle Fitzgerald endorsed Republican presidential nominee Dylan Macmillan to be his successor in the Oval Office.

    President Kyle Fitzgerald:

    “Howdy! It’s great to be back home in Texas. Our party enjoyed a very spirited primary between several great people, and I committed to staying neutral throughout this process. I wanted to leave it up to you – the voters – to decide. And you have chosen a very strong nominee for our party. Over the last four years, there is one man I could depend on more than anyone else to get things done for our country, and that man is Speaker Dylan Macmillan. Everything that we have accomplished over the last four years – a border wall, immigration reform, tax cuts, infrastructure, repealing Obamacare – it all happened because of the work of Dylan Macmillan. We couldn’t have done it without him, and I am very confident in his ability to lead our country for the next four years. Dylan will maintain and preserve the major accomplishments of the last four years while building on that success to make America stronger than ever before. I fully endorse him, and I will be on the campaign trail for him from here on out through Election Day.”

    Speaker Dylan Macmillan:

    “My friends it is a true honour to stand here before the great people of Texas with my good friend and colleague President Fitzgerald, I would like to thank him personally not only for his kind words and his endorsement but also for four years of strong and decisive leadership for our nation. Mr President you will be a tough act to follow but I can assure you and the American people that I am more than up to the task.

    “This election boils down to a stark contrast between two ideals for Government. On the one hand we have the Democrats led by Congressman Ward and Senator Solin, the former has no idea which laws and taxes are and are not on the books, the latter has such little impulse control that his campaign for President ended up $63mn in debt before he folded. This is not the leadership that America needs, America needs informed and decisive leadership rather than the sorry state that these two would leave us in. Throughout the primaries I was upfront and honest with the American people, I see the Federal Government as a nuisance which must be reigned back wherever possible. My pitch for the Presidency is simple, a vote for Dylan Macmillan and Audrey Van Horn is a vote for the states. President Fitzgerald has begun the long road of allowing states the right to decide what is best for them with his magnificent healthcare reform, a legislative feat I was privileged to shepherd through the House on his behalf in the face of terrible politicking by certain leading Democrats trying to halt all business for the day. Our plan for healthcare is working terrifically in giving every state from California to Maine and from Texas to Wisconsin the right to choose what is best for their population. It's time we return similar rights to the states of a great many other issues, on issues such as education and some drugs policies.

    “A vote for Macmillan is a vote for the States but it is also a vote for the future. Congressman Ward has decided to endorse the full leftist policies of Senator Solin, not only does he want to reintroduce a tax that was never repealed but he wants the State to take over your every day lives and fund a new never ending cycle of deficit and debt for you and future generations. This is not on, we cannot continue to mortgage our future in the way that we are doing so at the present time. President Fitzgerald was a terrific leader when it came to reigning in our deficit and he has done more for our nation's finances than many of our previous Presidents, but there is always more that we can do. I don't want to just reduce our deficit, I want to eliminate it. I don't want to manage our debt spike, I want to remove it. I see a United States paying its way, reducing its dependency on foreign capital and foreign creditors, and relieving ourselves of debt interest payments to further cut taxes for the struggling poor, the squeezed middle and the industrious entrepreneurs. Congressman Ward and the left do not understand that taxpayers' money isn't there's, if we waste even a dime of it then we are completely in the wrong. As President I will eliminate the deficit, pay down our debts, and cut taxes on ordinary Americans. A low tax, high impact economy is just the sort of thing we need to continue the Fitzgerald Revival and reboot the American Dream for millions.

    “My friends President Fitzgerald has left one heck of a legacy, but that legacy and everything we have accomplished is at risk if Congressman Ward gets the keys to the White House. My platform is a simple one based on individual responsibility, states' rights and fiscal responsibility. Congressman Ward can't even keep track of whether or not a simple tax exists, let alone the multiple complexities of the Office of the Presidency. Senator Solin can't even manage his own money, let alone other people's. This election you could elect a man with proven experience at both the state and federal level, or you could chance it with the Great Evader. The choice is simple, let's get out there and win the arguments, let's get out there and keep the White House red.”

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