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    President Unveils Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan

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    -From the White House-

    -For Immediate Release-


    Today Congress deliberates over the fate of two bills that form the bedrock of the Macmillan Administration's illegal immigration policy. The first bill has drawn much debate in the press and in the House however it is merely one half of the plan. President Macmillan was elected on a promise to take a root and branch approach to illegal immigration, working with the governments of other countries to ensure that illegal immigrants stop coming and, if necessary, are prevented from entering anyway. This starts by ensuring that the Central American countries from which these illegals come from are built up to be in such a situation whereby the illegals themselves do not feel the need to undertake the dangerous journey they feel obliged to. By eliminating these strong push factors that drive mass-migration we will reduce the number of attempted illegal border crossings and therefore by simple mathematics reduce the number of actual illegal border crossings. As great as this policy is it cannot work alone, therefore we do need to pass the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act to further strengthen our defences against any who still feel the need to come. This policy is being undertaken in as humane a way as possible and with a great deal of compromises built in to take account of the situation as it currently presents itself. These two bills are a good deal for America and for everyone impacted by these decisions whichever side of the debate they fall on, I urge Congress to pass them with all haste.


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