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  • Progressive and SJW Voters Fight Back For Control Of DNC

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    Recently Gabriel Gonzalez donated to 5 key Democratic Primaries including to Deedra Abboud an SJW Attorney running for Senator of Arizona who placed within 2% of the winner Krysten Sinema a moderate liberal.  Also, Congressman Gonzalez endorsed a Progressive named Kevin De Leon over the incumbent Senator Diane Feinstein and in a primary that turned many heads with help of the Congressman's endorsement and donation the PPT managed to unseat the incumbent Feinstein in a primary that is sure to leave many scratching their head. Also, Chelsea Manning, a former whistleblower and proud SJW activist edged out her primary competition Ben Cardin in Maryland. In New Jersey, Congressman Gonzalez endorsed and donated to the campaign of Rush Holt who showed that his Progressive roots were still alive and proved that the SJW and Progressive message is still alive in Jersey.  Lastly, in Utah, the Congressman endorsed and supported Mitchell Vince another SJW who came within a few thousand votes of upsetting the heavily favored Jenny Wilson. Out of all 5 races, the Congressman hand-picked candidates won 3 races including a major head turner in California that will leave many people talking. 

    Gabriel Gonzalez has proven that despite leaving the Democratic Party he still holds some influence on elections around the country.  Gabriel Gonzalez has made a new push to "tone down" his rhetoric and work toward electing more progressives and socially liberal candidates and with these latest results, we have seen the beginning of that process.  Gabriel Gonzalez is looking toward a working relationship with the Democratic Party on issues like Health Care, Equal Rights, Union Rights, Agriculture and more.  However, he still holds some reservations about the direction the party is headed however, he's proud to work alongside friends like House Minority Leader Schultz and other Democrats on various key issues. 

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