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    Reed: Stronger Americas Plan Is Needed Foreign Policy Action Closer To Home

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    Kurt Faulhammer

    From the Office of Secretary of State Walter Reed

    Today in the House of Representatives Speaker Kurt Faulhammer has introduced the Stronger Americas Joint Security and Institutional Reform Act and has placed it on the first docket of this session of Congress. This plan has been the first focus of the Macmillan State Department so that as we implement secure but humane immigration reform we improve the countries from whence many illegal migrants are coming from so that they don't have to leave their countries. Combating the high crime rates, restoring faith in the rule of law, improving economic prospects, and uniting across national lines to fight international crime are just some of the many things the Stronger Americas plan is looking to do. If significant change can come to the crime rates in the countries of listed in the plan the reduction in illegal immigration will make it all worthwhile to do considering the high expense illegal immigration has on the country. We are talking about some very beautiful countries here and we want American tourists to feel safe to visit them all again. It will bring us all closer together as a collection of nations despite our differences. I think this is a plan both parties can get behind.  

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