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  • Sen. Jackson Endorses Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom in California

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    Santa Barbara, Calif. - Sen. Jon-Anders Jackson of Maryland has flown to California to lend his voice to the governor’s race, holding several rallies across the state, north and south, inland and coastal. “I am here in California so that I may personally lend my support to Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom,” the senator said at a rally in downtown Santa Barbara. “The country needs unity right now and California needs healing. Gavin is the person that will keep California strong and our nation on its upward trajectory.” Sen. Jackson spoke for an hour to a crowd of several thousand people. His message centered on national unity and a resilient California. The East Coast senator also made a point to differentiate Lt. Gov. Newsom from his two top opponents, businessman Robert Barron and former Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice. “Mr. Barron, in my opinion, and the opinion of most of the nation, has disqualified himself with his treacherous and treasonous talk of secession. And Secretary Rice should, perhaps, focus more on her role on the NCAA FBS Playoff Committee than on reentering politics after being away for so long. While she does want to protect the Union, the positives end there. She would be just another lock-step republican; tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. Reduced services, reduced opportunities, reduced quality of life for anyone outside the 1%. California needs a leader who protects the rights everyone, not just those who line her pockets!” The senator ended his speech by giving the lieutenant governor a resounding endorsement, “California, the choice is clear. You can continue with a proven leader who has been a part of the team leading this state to new heights in Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom or you choose between a traitor and a lackey for the rich. I think the best choice is quite evident. Elect Gavin Newsom!” The senator says that he will continue campaigning in the state holding additional rallies in Sacramento, Palm Springs, San Diego, Anaheim, and San Jose.

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