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  • Sen. Jackson Viral Speech to Santa Clara County Democrats

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    It has come to my attention that the speech I delivered this morning in San Jose to the Santa Clara County Democrats has gone viral. One of my constituents has graciously transcribed it and shared it with me so those who cannot watch the video or hear the words may still be able to read them.

    ”Hello Fellow Democrats!

    And I also want to acknowledge the independents in the room with us this morning <mild whooing>. As well as the republicans who have seen the light <laughter>. You have all gathered here because you all believe in democracy. Today, we’re going to go out there and make sure each and every registered voter has their voice heard in today’s election! And, thanks to the foresight of Californians, we can even take the unregistered to the polls for same-day voting! Now, more than ever, California needs strong, consistent leadership. The same leader who was a part of California’s strong economic growth these past eight years. The same leader who stood up to president and deescalated the his attempt to commandeer the national guard. The same leader who has promoted unity, innovation, and strength. California, I implore you to elect Gavin Newsom to the office of governor!

    However, today’s contest is between more than just a democrat who’s a proven leader and a republican that was a part of a shamed administration that got us in two quagmires by lying to us and the world, no, today we are standing to ensure that the virtues of this fantastic country are upheld. While the republican president has time and time again - through his policies, actions, and even in this new information that he traded his endorsement for a position with Donald Trump - demonstrated that he cares only about himself, at the expense of all others in his way. My republican colleagues in the Senate and House have also shown that they are willing to lie down and do the president’s bidding instead of standing up for what’s best for the American public. Today, is about more than defeating an ineffectual former Secretary of State and her party of selfishness, today is about standing up and taking our rights in our hands and using our voice to reject republicans and their negligence. Today, we stand up and say no longer will the American people stay silent. Today, we show congress, the president, and governors across the nation that they work for the People, not for the lobbyists that they allow to grease their pockets! This is why I am here. This is why, my fellow Americans, we are here. California is going to be leadig the way in this Blue Wave that is about to sweep the nation. A Blue Wave that will ensure a future with safe streets, educational opportunities, true religious freedom, and an environment that we all can thrive in.

    So, as we drive buses and fill-in on shifts, as we continually help with paperwork and bring food & coffee to poll volunteers, we must remember why we are doing this. It’s not just to help Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom win, it’s to ensure a future where America is stronger than ever, remaining a leader in the world and in progress. So, let’s get out there and fight for our democracy!”

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