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  • Shining a Light on a GOP Work in the Dark

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    Lamp-bearers! Our lights are needed as the GOP’s attempts to function in the dark continue to stun and shame. The Republicans have continually tried to pass bills through unanimous consent in attempts to avoud personal responsibility for supporting bills that are a waste of time, a waste of money, and, worst of all, infringe upon states’ abilities to govern themselves. Their latest clandestine activity is holding short votes in violation to clear Senate procedure; stopping votes after 24 hours instead of the required 72. This is outrageous and, potentially, behavior worthy of censure and contempt.

    In the event that you need another reminder that the Republicans work for themselves and their own dark desires, they continue to skirt their responsibilities and continue to skirt the eye of the public. I say enough is enough. Time to dump, not just the republicans in Congress, but their leader in the White House as well. Let’s let hindsight rule in 2020.


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