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    Solin Comments on Ward's Education Policy

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    Solin makes comments on Ward's Education platform


         We must stop the idea of corporate education.  Republicans believe that by depriving public schools funding and providing vouchers, they will help that student receive a better education.  Instead, all it will do is get some kids out of public school and into charter schools run by businesses and leave the majority of students behind at an underfunded school where equal opportunity will be harder to achieve than ever before.  Calvin’s plan will be to empower teachers, provide better funding and resources to schools, and work with communities to provide more creative opportunities for students to learn, grow, and develop their life skills.  Speaker Macmillan has already said that he will abdicate leadership and accountability on education by letting individual states dictate their own policy.  This is the last thing our teachers want. Our teachers have been pleading for help for some time now. While Calvin wants to give teachers a hand, Speaker Macmillan wants to be hands off.  It is clear who is the better person to take the lead on our country’s education system.


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