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    Solin Drops Out of POTUS Race

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    Mike Solin makes statement after democratic primary


         I want to thank all of the many people who have given me their support and their votes these past few months.  We led a movement.  A vision for a better America.  We have come a long ways and conducted a campaign that has been issue focused.  A campaign that I was proud to be a part of.

         Even though among the three candidates, no one earned enough delegates to officially clinch the nomination, I do not believe our nominee should be picked in a brokered convention.  I believe we must let the people decide.  Calvin Ward has accumulated more votes and delegates than either Hong or myself.  Politicians must serve where the people want them to.  At this point, I think our party members have made it clear who they want to represent them on the greatest stage of our country.  Our party must move forward, united as one with a cohesive mission.  I am officially dropping out of the race and am supporting Calvin Ward for President.

         Our nation is not influenced by any one person.  It is a collaborative effort by millions of passionate people striving for a better reality for all.  A pursuit of happiness for each and every American that can only be realized when we all take part in our democracy and in the improvement of our society.  When we are committed to leading ourselves and helping one another, we can change the world.  I ask that anyone who has supported me during this primary go out and vote for Calvin Ward!  We will accomplish so much good with him as president especially when the other option is the Republican nominee.  Again, thank you.  I appreciate all of your love and support.  At this time, I need you to help Ward become our next President of the United States.


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