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    Solin on Ward's Foreign Policy

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    Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Solin speaks on Ward’s Foreign Policy



         Calvin’s foreign policy speaks volumes to his ability to lead.  The choice you will have to make in November is a leader like Speaker Macmillan who will not be acting on behalf of our men and women in the military and will put them or keep them in harms way.  The classic Republican strategy who loves to involve themselves in foreign conflicts is not in the best interest of the American people.  Calvin will only use military as a last effort in the event that diplomacy no longer becomes an option.    

         We are witnesses poor foreign policy by the Fitzgerald Administration as he literally is creating barriers between us and our allies with these terrible tariff policies.  We should not be mistreating our allies or making them out to be our enemies economically.  Speaker Macmillan has made no statement objecting to President Fitzgerald’s trade policies and will likely continue to ruin America’s influence around the world by keeping or expanding tariffs.  Calvin will build stronger relationships around the world with our allies.  He will work alongside them to bring about fair trade, combat climate change, and create opportunities that promote democracy as well as a safer world.



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