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  • SPA: Republicans Continue To Go Against The US Constitution

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    Republicans Continue To Go Against The US Constitution

    avatar_01146a95af38_128.pnj Mike Davidson, Editor For Social Progressive Alliance


    In what could only be seen as a bizarre work of firsts we have seen Republicans leave their stand as a party that defends the United States Constitution to a party that seemingly wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater and destroys the constitution when it doesn't personally fit their narrative of events. This started days ago with the President's first executive order banning the immigration of certain groups of people which was challenged in the Supreme Court to yesterdays attack by House Majority Leader David Huffines personal attack on Congressman Gabriel Gonzalez attacking his parents and suggesting that the world would be better off of the Congressman lost his citizenship by eliminating the rights of Birthright Citizenship which is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the constitution.  Democrats and Independents like Gonzalez were quick to jump and question the logic of the party that claims to be the most ardent supporter of the Constitution now wanting to eliminate sections of it and openly discussing it on Twitter. 

    Yesterday evening President Kyle Fitzgerald issued Executive Order #7 which repealed the highly discussed previous executive order (E.O. #4) but also took many steps in creating new laws to deal with visas and the question of immigration.  What the President failed to realize though is that his newest Executive Order has the same opportunity to be challenged by the courts if they so choose this time however for violating Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution which clearly spells out that Congress alone shall make laws and enact legislation to  create a "uniform Rule of Naturalization." With Republicans so brazenly setting their backs away from the United States Constitution by discussing amending it to take away rights one day and then the next day immediately ignoring Article 1 Section 8 is it time that the United States send new progressives, social justice warriors, and forward thinkers to Washington to replace these Republicans who are slowly losing their grip on what matters to most Americans?  SPA believes it is time and that is why we will continue to grow through this election cycle to help meet the need as it arises in 2018. 

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