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  • SPA: Will Attacks On Immigration Kill GOP Momentum?

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    The right wing keeps sticking their foot in their mouth on the issue of immigration, first President Fitzgerald was likening immigrants to "child molesters and rapists" now House Majority Leader Huffines wants to strip away the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which grants birthright citizenship to people born in the United States such as Representative Gabriel Gonzalez and founder of the Social-Progressive Alliance.  This has left many people scratching their head and while this could be excused with the typical "Republicans dislike persons of color" argument the truth is the problem is much more deep rooted than that when they begin talking about taking rights away from United States Citizens such as the rights granted by the Fourteenth Amendment.


    While nobody has officially come out in support of House Majority Leader Huffines call to end Birthright Citizenship the GOP has also not chastised the House Majority Leader either for his disparaging remarks.  Showing that the GOP at this point probably wants to wish they never raised the issue of Immigration and are hoping they can sweep the problem under the rug by election day however members of SPA and the 55 million Latino's in the United States will not forget where Republicans have stood on the issue of immigration and that each day a new Republican has something even more morally repugnant to say than the day before on immigration. Huffines attacks have been personal, they have attacked not only Congressman Gonzalez but his parents as well and hurt the feelings of the 55 million Latinos presently living in the United States.  Democrats along with Independent Congressman Gonzalez will not allow this issue to go away as it shows how petty and partisan the right wing machine has been when dealing on the topic of immigration.  Democrats have been working for bipartisanship cooperation but after attacking a United States Congressman and his Parents it's clear that the GOP has no use or no interest in the spirit of bipartisan cooperation.

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