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    The GOP has a White Nationalist Problem

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    A source close to Speaker Knox has him being quoted saying the following. 

    “At the end of the day, I swing from sadness to anger at why the GOP would allow a White Nationalist to even run for the Senate. But not only is he running, but he is winning. And it’s sad. I know I give these Republicans, especially the Nationalists, a ton of grief; but this is a different GOP. Mr. Swanner of Texas voted not to condemn the Alt-Right when he had a chance. And the Republican Senate refuses to even debate the question on the floor.

    So now, they have a candidate for office. This man has been notably in favor of their immigration policies of deportation and isolation. Listen to what this Republican candidate for the US Senate has said, “We have a bubbling successful melting pot in this country so long as the ingredients are essentially European.” This is Mr. Taylor’s goal. An all white ethnic state. How are they going to accomplish it? Deportation, isolation, ultimately on the South we called that segregation. It was the second great black eye on my home. And it’s sad. But the GOP has stayed quiet. And I don’t believe those are the majority of good hardworking Republicans in the streets. I don’t think your neighbor who listens to Rush Limbaugh is a racist, but Mr. Taylor is. It is necessary for the GOP to condemn the bigotry in their own ranks. 

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