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  • Thomas supports Dem Immigration Bill

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    Illegal immigration is a tough issue. No one knows this more than my border district, the 23rd of Texas.  Everyone there of all ethnicities want our system fixed and I believe that Rep. Vanderfleet's bill, introduced yesterday, truly is the best bipartsian bill to move forward on the immigration issue. It fully funds our border patrol, who often get lost in the grand scheme of talks of walls and bans and whatnot. 

    Often times we forget that after all the shouting, fighting, and name-calling that goes on when debating this topic, everyone involved are human. And my Christian faith guides me to treat all my neighbors with respect, and that leads me to support a tough but fair immigration policy. We don't separate families, we don't deport kids, we don't keep the border open, we don't let violent criminals stay here, and are border policies are strict and to the point. 

    There's far too much inflammatory language used and it's time we got to work to truly fix the problem of illegal immigration. Hope to see some Republicans get on board. We owe it to the American people to get this issue handled. 

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