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    Van Horn on Campaign Finance Reform

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    Macmillan/Van Horn ‘20
    For Immediate Release

    Asheville, NC – At a campaign rally in North Carolina, Republican Vice Presidential nominee Audrey Van Horn (R-CA) talked about campaign finance reform. 

    “I think we can all agree that lobbyists have too much influence in politics, especially in Washington. There are too many stories over the years of overzealous lobbyists and politicians that are way too easily bought off. Some candidates have pledged not to accept PAC money. While that may be a principled stand, it does virtually nothing at the end of the day to reduce the influence of lobbyists. It’s going to take a change in our legal code to make that happen. That’s why I introduced the Lobbying and Campaign Finance Reform Act, which was docketed by Speaker Macmillan and was recently passed by the House of Representatives. Dylan and I worked together to get this passed. This bill does several things to limit the influence of lobbyists and dark money in American elections. First of all, it limits the amount of money that lobbyists can collect from multiple sources and donate to candidates – a process known in the industry as bundling. The bill also revises the definition of a lobbyist to include more people. Furthermore, it prohibits online credit card donations from unverified sources. When it comes to campaign finance reform, Dylan and I do more than just grandstand. We get in there and put the work in to make change happen for America.”

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