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    VPOTUS Speaks to Veterans' Convention

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    David Parker

    The Vice President recently spoke to a Veterans' convention on the subject of foreign policy.


    There are people that act like just because America has always been free, that we always will be free. I don't happen to believe that; Freedom is never more than a generation, a CHOICE away from extinction. Does that mean we should bomb every oppressed nation on Earth into subjugation? Of course not. That said, there are some things that the only proper response to IS violence. Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan weren't going to be destroyed as threats to world peace by any other means that complete victory and unconditional surrender.

    While peace through strength is a certain means to maintaining stability, regional partnerships are important too. I have read up on this since declaring for the Presidency, and one objective I think we should have is to resurrect SEATO, the old Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, as a Pacific Partnership for Peace. This would be open to any nation interested in stability in the Pacific Rim, and the Air Force and Navy Veterans in the room can tell you just how large the Pacific is, and how vital cooperation with friendly nations is.

    I don't think there's a more firm believer in American Exceptionalism in this race than me; Freedom is not an American gift to the world. That said, we simply don't have the resources to be the world's policeman, but with positive partnerships we can continue to be the key stakeholder in global security and stability. Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers that serve in the Armed Forces deserve no less than a complete devotion to their success and that's my promise. If there's a Parker Doctrine, it's one sentence:

    The American Military, once committed to battle, should remain committed to battle until complete VICTORY.

    Thank you for listening, may God bless those that have served and those that continue to serve in our Armed Forces, and may He continue to guide and bless our great Nation.


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