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    Ward: Wall runs afoul Native sacred land

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    HmL Ward was quoted saying the following while getting a bagel and coffee just off the Hill this morning

    ”While polls have shown most Americans don’t want a wall, I’d like to remind the Republican leadership that back in 2007 we tried to do border construction we desecrated the burial grounds of The Tohono O’odham Nation, which has land on both sides of the border, and has already pledged to fight any efforts to build a wall.  President Macmillan would need a stand-alone bill from Congress to condemn their land. And to be quite honest, that’s a bill I’m not even going to negotiate. Not today, not ever. 

    But even still, we’ve tried a fence; it didn’t work. We doubled it’s size; it didn’t work. Now we want to spend billions on a wall when that money would be much better off getting our teachers paid and our educational infrastructure secured. I’ve proposed a infrastructure bill that if we don’t give the rich a massive tax cut and bring on the taxes and funding for a wall that hasn’t worked before, we could at least get some of the projects done. 

    But what we’re seeing is the new far right nationalist leaders of the GOP have abandoned their parties old principles because they want us to be afraid of immigrants. They don’t have the interests of Americans at heart, just chaotic, Know-Nothing, nationalism

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