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    • Republicans Vote Down Non Discrimination  Act In Senate Senate Republicans have voted down the Student Non-Discrimination Act despite the act having passed the house via unanimous consent. the vote was driven right down party lines. It is quite peculiar to see republicans from the house and senate acting so differently on the bill. Some wonder if the house republicans simply did not notice the UC request, thus allowing it to slip by without objection. One thing is for sure......This is a big win for the Christian-Right and family value organizations played a big role in pressuring republicans to vote it down.   
    • LEWINSKY DROPS OUT OF GUBERNATORIAL RACE; LT. GEN. MONTBATTEN JOINS LATE Last week, Republican tech tycoon Lewinsky unexpectedly dropped out of the race for governor of the West Coast. He gave no concrete reason for his stepping aside, and there is no evidence of scandal. This looked like it was going to leave the GOP without a viable candidate, until, just weeks before the filing deadline, Republican Lt. Gen. Theodore Montbatten joined the Race. Lt. Gen. Montbatten is a decorated veteran of the Iraq war and has served as an Assemblyman in the West Coast Legislator since 2016. He is a credible candidate, and has the profile that could make this election competitive. This is partially because of the general lack of concentrated campaigning on the Democratic side. Both Mayor Williams and Congressman Gutierrez have campaigned rather minimally since this campaign started, leaving the door open for a Republican like Montbatten to have a shot at the governorship, even in an environment favorable to progressive Democrats. Now, this isn't to say that the Democrat's aren't still the frontrunners, because they are, just that many believe that they need to step up to secure this race. This is sure to be an exciting election! Stay tuned for all of the updates as the Democratic Primary grows nearer.
    • XI ARRIVES IN THE UNITED STATES AS BUDGET NEGOTIATIONS LOOK OVER (Washington) - President Xi Jinping of China has arrived in Washington for a state visit with President Trump. The two leader, who are close on a personal level are expected to talk about trade and continued issues regarding Chinese actions in the South China Sea. While on the way to the White House for the typical ceremony celebrating a head of state, both President's stopped for food at a local diner in the nation's capital, with surprisingly no protests or other disturbances. A state representative remarked that "this is a historic day in the Trump Presidency, we sent China a message that they had to play by the rules and look - they are here talking to us." said in mind obviously with the trade issues being on top of the agenda on this visit. On the White House lawn, President Xi made a speech which included "the People's Republic of China and the United States have a common goal to be leaders to the world" and that "the issues that we will discuss will have a lasting effect, for years to come.." with President Trump closely following his remarks that China and the United States as the top two world economies, have a major part to play. Foreign policy analysts have been talking about the implication of the South China Sea topic as part of this meeting, with China standing fast in recognizing the sea as their sovereign territory, something that the United States has called simple posturing and aggression. While these meeting hasn't received as much attention from Capitol Hill, it will be substantial as the trade portion of the talks are likely to affect every part of the United States, especially with key governors races appearing to come to fruition in terms of message and candidates.  As President Xi visits other parts of the United States on his tour, it is likely that any result to come from talks will come later in the week.
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    • Congress can’t claim to care about protecting our country while simultaneously ignoring an imminent threat to our Earth. I urge my colleagues to support the Climate Solutions Commission Act to make major steps towards understanding and combating climate change.  
    • All of the wildfires in California, Hurricanes in the Southeast, and record heat waves in 2018, and this congress has yet to even introduce a climate change bill. We must do better!
    • Calvin Ward From the Office of Calvin Ward, Speaker of the House With the recent announcement that Senate Republicans won’t approve a DACA deal without a wall, it is becoming more apparent that the GOP from top to bottom sees Dreamers as nothing more than political bargaining chips. Notice, they are not standing against DACA for DACA’s sake. It’s because they want one more opportunity to build a 40 ft, $12 billion monstrosity that the majority of Americans don’t want. They rant and rave about doing what’s right. They talk about being the moral majority and the party of life, that every person is made in the image of God from womb to tomb, and because of that they have worth. Well here’s a great chance. Here’s their chance to do something for people because they’re people. Otherwise they prove that to them people are just political cannon fodder to be used to get what they want
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