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    • Approval Ratings Governor Jack Swanner (R): 60 / 28 / 12 -- By now everybody in your region knows who you are and what you stand for, rather it's from your actions as Governor or during your campaign to the Senate. Conservatives within your region are ecstatic with how you have done as Governor. You kept nearly all your campaign promises to them and have supported Trump on the policies that are popular within the region, particularly the border wall, conservatives support it. Your budget and the spinning of it, along with a few other actions helped you gain some of the moderates who left you when you took the firm stance on some of the more red meat issues, but overall you have won over a majority of them at the current moment. Progressives have a distaste for you in the region for the most part. There are a very very few who approve because of your increased K-12 funding among a few other things, but mostly truly dislike you for your deep red values you display openly. Overall, you represent your district exactly as it is, and it translates into a very positive approval rating. Rep. John Shultz (D-TX-22): 29 / 46 / 25 -- This is a R +10 district, and Trump won 52-44 here in 2016. So you need to be careful here, you are in a vulnerable spot. Conservatives did not like your press release touting you wanting to repeal Trump's tax cuts and sponsoring legislation you say would do just that. That has not left their mind, being a major campaign promise of the President's. Moderates are generally okay with you, you've done a few things in Congress that directly impact your district and has gained you some points here. Progressives don't really know who you are, and while they feel uneasy with having a self proclaimed moderate in the seat, they're happy you have a (D) next to your name. Overall however, a lot of folks in your district do not know who you are due to lack of press releases and them not knowing much about what you are doing. Because of that, the republicans who know you as the one who wants to repeal the Trump tax cuts (and republicans control your district) dominate the known numbers of you and hurt your approvals, and because most everybody else is either simply okayish with you or don't know you, your approvals do not reflect positively. Rep. David Spalding (R-WY-At-Large): 47 / 34 / 19 -- Conservatives like you a lot, you have demonstrated policy leanings through press releases and tweets that they support. Most of this is helped by talking points and themes during your gubernatorial campaign, as down the stretch of the congressional session real achievements were hard to come by. Moderates are split, many appreciate your depth of policy knowledge as showcased, but others don't appreciate you seemingly to be immovable from policies on the right. However, you are helped by being in a state that moderates traditionally lean right. Progressives don't like you. You haven't thrown them really any bones they like, and as a result your support with those constituents of yours are not good. Luckily, you represent Wyoming. Overall, more tangible achievements rather than just talk will help your approvals much more. You have not been in the public eye outside your gubernatorial campaign, which you have a lead. This leads to still many not knowing who you are quite yet and feeling completely comfortable with you. Remain active and continue to present results to your constituents and your approval numbers will improve since you align with your district and state well.
    • Approval Ratings   Governor Tulip Florez (D): 56 / 29 / 15 -- Conservatives are not too happy after you signed the Justification of Use of Force in Law Enforcement Act, and that has still stuck with a lot of them. However you eased a lot of their minds by actually endorsing the republican senate candidate in the region, that carried weight. Progressives are generally happy with you, although your endorsement of a republican did feel like a backstabbing to a good number of them, weakening your entrenched support. Moderates are really on board, viewing you as a moderate Governor that gets things done. Overall, the people of your region are generally happy with what you have done, and those who do disapprove of your policies have a favorable view on you.
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