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    • April 2019 Player State Approval Rating Sebastian Bowie Nevada 44% Mitchell Edwards Georgia 38% Kurt Faulhammer New York 81% Kyle Fitzgerald USA 81% James Grant Pennsylvania 43% Ralph Labradoodle Idaho 47% Calvin Ramshaw Texas 37% Nicole Redstaff Montana 38% Walter Reed USA 31% John Saunders Texas 44% Cristobal Solivar USA 37% James Stuart North Carolina 38% Jack Swanner Texas 46% Marcus Walker USA 40% Michael Williams Illinois 46% Benjamin Wilson Arizona 41% John Alexander Colorado 63% Beau Bennett West Virginia 72% Russ Costello Illinois 50% Karl Cox Tennessee 49% Jim Curtis Massachusetts 40% Anita Davis Michigan 41% Logan Hamilton Illinois 39% John Hart Ohio 42% Morgan Johnson North Carolina 32% Mitch Johnston Missouri 42% Wanda Kelly Michigan 36% James Knox Arkansas 52% Anthony Ludwig Pennsylvania 44% Alexis Parraz New York 42% Mark Rambor Texas 77% Alex Truboenski Montana 45% Isabella Valentina Nevada 50% Zane Volt Alaska 31%   NOTE: Starting now I'm increasing the rate of deterioration for momentum, which should allow more cap room per week.
    • In Capitol Hill, the admin team filters news through player-controlled media characters. This gives players a unique ability to shape public opinion from the very beginning of the life of a story. All players are invited to create a media character multi using the normal character creation form. After your media character is approved, you will have access to create a new media entity here. All media entities must be fictional. Most player media takes the form of blogs, newspapers, TV shows, or even podcasts. Get creative, the sky's the limit. Once you are approved, a new thread will be created in Tier 1 News for you to post. Media entities are sorted into 3 tiers, each with different advantages. Note that generally objective news will do better than shameless partisan news, but each can play a role in the American political landscape.   Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier Distribution 20% (2 minimum) 30% (1 minimum) 50% Guest Budget $5 million $1 million $100,000 Potential Momentum 15 10 5 Campaign Effectiveness 50 25 10   Tier Distribution: The ideal % of player media entities in each tier. Guest Budget: Each media entity's guests (generally player politician characters) can receive background fundraising from the exposure of appearing on your program. This amount is the maximum per day. Potential Momentum: This represents how effective your program is at changing public opinion. Campaign Effectiveness: Media characters are permitted to engage in IC election campaigning, receiving the same number of hours as a politician character. Media characters may only host rallies while campaigning.  When potential news stories occur, a member of the admin team will post in the private Media Management forum. Media characters have the responsibility to gather appropriate and accurate information to distribute to the rest of the game. Therefore, media characters are encouraged to ask all necessary questions to accurately portray a situation. Often this will be done in the Media Management forum, but may sometimes take the form of public press conferences, tweets, press releases, etc. Journalistic integrity is highly important to your media entity succeeding. Don't make up sources, make assertions that can't be backed up with RL or IC sources if asked, or generally engage in metagaming. Of course this doesn't limit you from spinning stories you're sharing with the players, but make sure that they get the necessary information as well.
    • December 2018 Player State Approval Rating Sebastian Bowie Nevada 23% Mitchell Edwards Georgia 40% Kurt Faulhammer New York 75% Kyle Fitzgerald USA 82% James Grant Pennsylvania 37% Ralph Labradoodle Idaho 41% Ross Nicholson Virginia 23% Calvin Ramshaw Texas 38% Nicole Redstaff Montana 39% Walter Reed USA 31% John Saunders Texas 43% Ray Sizemore USA 29% Cristobal Solivar USA 39% James Stuart North Carolina 41% Jack Swanner Texas 44% Marcus Walker USA 42% Benjamin Wilson Arizona 23% John Alexander Colorado 54% Beau Bennett West Virginia 69% Russ Costello Illinois 50% Karl Cox Tennessee 47% Jim Curtis Massachusetts 41% Anita Davis Michigan 23% Logan Hamilton Illinois 41% Morgan Johnson North Carolina 32% Mitch Johnston Missouri 23% Wanda Kelly Michigan 37% James Knox Arkansas 23% Anthony Ludwig Pennsylvania 45% Alexis Parraz New York 43% Mark Rambor Texas 71% Alex Truboenski Montana 43% Isabella Valentina Nevada 51% Zane Volt Alaska 32% OOC: I'm a couple days late on this, hence it being dated for December 2018 instead of January 2019 where we are now.
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    • Ralph Labradoodle Ralph Labradoodle hosted a bowling event in Boise Idaho to promote his campaign to fill Senator Jim Risch's seat in the senate. "I want to show the people of Idaho that I am more than just a stuffy politician", said Labradoodle in-between bowls. "I am open to hearing from my constituents and having a bit of fun as well."
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    • Kurt Faulhammer From the Office of House Minority Leader Kurt Faulhammer The American Renewable Fuel and Job Creation Act extends the important clean-fuel biodisel tax incentive and reforms the incentive by transferring the credit from the blenders to the producers of biofuels. The switch ensures that the tax credit incentivizes domestic production and taxpayers aren’t subsidizing imported fuel. Since 2014, biofuels imports have increased from 510 million gallons to about one billion gallons in 2016. In many cases, foreign biodiesel benefits both from the existing tax credit and from additional foreign subsidies, which makes it difficult for domestic biodiesel facilities to compete. In 2015 alone, the U.S. Treasury spent more than $600 million on tax credits for imported biodiesel and renewable diesel. This bill will help the industry grow to its full potential. Modifying the credit is estimated to have little to no impact on the consumer. Much of the credit would continue to be passed on to the blender and ultimately, the consumer. Additionally, the U.S. biodiesel industry is currently operating at approximately 65 percent of capacity. The domestic biodiesel industry has the capacity and access to affordable feedstocks to meet the demand of U.S. consumers, the senators said. In 2005, Congress created the biodiesel tax incentive. As a result of this incentive, the Renewable Fuel Standard, and consumer interest, biodiesel is providing significant benefits to the nation. Domestic biodiesel production supports tens of thousands of jobs. Replacing traditional diesel with biodiesel reduces emissions and creates cleaner air. Homegrown biodiesel improves U.S. energy security by diversifying transportation fuels and reducing dependence on foreign oil. Biodiesel itself is a diverse fuel that can be produced from a wide array of resources such as recycled cooking oil, soybean and other plant oils and animal fats. U.S. tax policy should support U.S. products and U.S. jobs. This bipartisan bill would end a system that gives many foreign producers a leg up over U.S. producers and give certainty to the biodiesel industry, which is responsible for employing thousands of Americans. U.S. producers shouldn’t be put at a disadvantage by foreign producers that in many cases are double dipping by benefiting from U.S. tax incentives on top of their own significant government subsidies. These reforms supporting domestic producers would also save U.S. taxpayers money. Policies ought to encourage the production of domestic renewable fuels to meet consumer demand and support the creation of American jobs.
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    • Deporting people for suspicion doesn’t sound like “small government conservatism” to me. The American people need to decide if the toddler tyrant speaks for them or not.