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  2. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Southern Tour - Orlando, Florida

    Yes, I am open to adapting the law. Specifically, I want to fix the investigation duration of the process. I do know what a rubber room is. And rubber rooms do not help anyone. The school district, the tax payers, nor the teachers themselves. First of all, teachers who are sent to the 'rubber room' are under investigation for misconduct regardless of the extent of the infraction. They do collect a paycheck as they deserve the right to be innocent until proven guilty. The person who started the rubber room thought that it would be best that teachers do not stay home while the investigation takes place but should be somewhere isolated from the students until the matter is resolved. The issue in this case is the extensive process of the investigation which takes months or even years. There have been various examples where teachers do go back to teaching after an extended period of time in the rubber room while others result in termination or early retirement. I would definitely be for finding ways to shorten these investigations to get good teachers who are sent to the rubber room with minor infractions back into the classrooms with perhaps some better training and officially exterminate the contracts of teachers who committed misconduct or incompetence.
  3. Thank you for joining us tonight I am Jake Tapper. The Fitzgerald in a seeming attempt to repair relations with Russia (especially int eh attempt to jointly fight against ISIS) has repealed Executive Order 13661 which (signed under President Obama after the pseudo Russian invasion of Ukraine) imposed sanctions against Russian gun manufacturers in conjunction with EU sanctions also imposed at the time. Do you support the lifting of the sanctions? Do you see the listing of the sanctions as being "soft" towards Russia especially regarding the Ukraine and Europe? Was defeating ISIS worth trading a tough stance against aggressive Russian expansion into Europe? (OOC: Any player can make a statement or debate with other players on this subject. Everything you say here is IC and will be graded accordingly)
  4. Jsawrie

    Comprehensive Educational Reform Act

    OOC: wait I thought this was an education bill.....lol
  5. Shiggy

    Mike Solin - Southern Tour - Orlando, Florida

    But obviously that is not happening.............You know sir what a rubber room is right? A room where teachers accused of misconduct or even just incompetence BY THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND THE SCHOOLS go to work and sit around all day.......all while still being employed by the school district and receiving a paycheck.  That is BECAUSE the teachers unions keep those teachers from being fired. These are teachers who are not just disliked by students......they are teachers who in any other job or any private school with performance and employee standards would be fired. My simple question to you sir, is whether or not you would change the law in order to fire teachers who are payed to sit in a room and do crossword puzzles becuase they cannot be fired, but are so incompetent or unethical that they are not trusted to teach our youth?
  6. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Southern Tour - Orlando, Florida

    Basically, we should put pressure on unions to take more action against bad teachers. The issue is what is propaganda and what is reality. When school districts have a strong union presence, they tend to perform better and have higher quality results than less active union districts. Perhaps there needs to be a better way to identify what is a "bad" teacher.
  7. Doomhammer

    Mike Solin - Carson City Nevada

    The whole 2nd amendment states, " A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." During the time this was written, our founding fathers put in place a system for each state to be able to protect itself from a tyrannical government by allowing each state to have a militia that would be regulated by the state. The majority of citizens were part of the state's militia and regularly trained together while also using their guns to protect their households, hunt, and recreation. We saw the effect of the 2nd amendment clearly in the Civil War. The South felt that the North, or Federal Government, was overreaching its power and decided to round up their militias to fight for their independence. That is why the Civil War references with the Pennsylvania militia, the Ohio militia, and so forth. The writing in the 2nd amendment is clear. It does provide a means for self regulation. Not any person should be able to just acquire a gun without some sort of training, background checks, or mental competency. Militias back then used to be extremely regulated and consistently practiced and trained. My gun proposal will not harm any law-abiding gun owner. Instead, it will just make it more difficult for "bad guys" to acquire guns. No legislation will prevent all gun crimes; however, doing nothing is irresponsible. School shootings, movie shootings, and just any shooting for that matter occurs way to frequently. Our children, our parents, our friends, and family should not have to become the next victims of gun violence. Additionally, I have already stated that any military or police officer, past or present, should be allowed to open carry so long as they were not dishonorably discharged due to reckless or malicious behavior. I think this shows that I respect those men and women who have been trained in how to handle a gun properly and actively demonstrated their duty and responsibility to protect and defend this country.
  8. Shiggy

    Ward: Not a fan of the shadow games

    most people agree and wonder the same about Huffines' bill PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2
  9. Shiggy

    Alexander Endorses Ward

    ward Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change 0 0 0 0 +1 +3 +3 +2
  10. Shiggy

    Comprehensive Educational Reform Act

    ok.....I will concede that. I will award you +5 business
  11. Jsawrie


    Then just make it a separate bill. Next the gentleman will be putting bump stock protections in an infrastructure bill
  12. PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change +3 +3 0 +2 +2 -3 -2 -3
  13. Shiggy

    Huffines Introduces Comprehensive Educational Reform Act

    1) Your PR just copied/pasted the PES from your bill. 2) people are wondering why you are burying pot agendas inside an education bill and what exactly your true intentions are. PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change -2 -2 0 -2 -2 +2 +2 0
  14. Phillip Huffines

    Comprehensive Educational Reform Act

    Would business at least like the bill? The choice and legalization components of the bill will bring tens of billions of new revenue to the private sector
  15. Doomhammer

    Civil Rights Expansion Act

  16. Shiggy

    Mike Solin Stance on Guns

    In his statement, Comey incorrectly referred to a “felony drug charge.” And Clinton made the error of saying that Roof had a “felony drug conviction.” He didn’t. To be clear, Roof had been arrested for possession of Suboxone, a Schedule III narcotic, according to the incident report. So it was actually a misdemeanor charge.......and he would NOT have been rejected by the background check and further background checks would not have changed the outcome. I give this 5 Pinocchios for blatant dishonesty in order to push an agenda. PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change -5 -5 0 -3 -3 +5 +5 +5
  17. Shiggy

    Mike Solin's Plan to Reduce the Abortion Rate

    PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change 0 0 0 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3
  18. Shiggy

    Ward Speaks on Budget Concerns

    PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 0 +2 0
  19. Shiggy

    President Allows Imports of Popular Firearms

    Your statement completely ignores that the reason for the EO in the first place was because of Russian occupation of Ukraine. Lifting it now makes you look very weak against Russia or look like Russia's lap dog. The hawkish conservatives and globalists and even progressives dislike a softer stance towards Russia nationalists and moderate democrats don't care Business likes the sanctions being lifted......especially gun business SJW's heard "more guns" and did not like it PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change 0 -5 +5 -5 0 -2 -3 -5
  20. Shiggy

    President Suspends Travel from Afghanistan

    PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change +2 +2 0 +2 +1 0 0 0
  21. Phillip Huffines


    I'm not hiding Marijuana legalization it's disclosed in my press release that it's included in the bill. Let the public know most don't oppose legalization and will be happy to hear. The purpose of it is funding the bill without raising the deficit any. The bill does a lot of good and reducing the number of non-violent offenders going to jail is just a part of it.
  22. Shiggy

    President Introduces FY2021-2024 Budget

    increasing "strengthening" entitlements is disliked by the conservatives (evangelicals) closing loopholes is disliked by big business PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change +2 -5 -3 +3 +4 +5 +5 +5
  23. Dogslife

    Civil Rights Expansion Act

  24. Dogslife

    Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

  25. Jsawrie


    Yeah, let’s debate legalization. Please. There’s thousands of non violent offenders to release. But don’t do it through the back door. Bring it to the light and let’s discuss it.
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