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  2. Dogslife

    Federal Budget Act of FY2021-FY2024

    Mr. Speaker I would like to put forth the following amendment to be considered as 1 amendment, I propose we strike the following and renumber accordingly. Drug free schools and fighting the opioid epidemic is worth the expense. 1. state grants for Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities ($298 million) 7. Office of National Drug Control Policy ($30 million) 4. National Health Service Corps ($15 million) I yield
  3. Cardinalfan9

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    They may have done good things in the past but all they do in the 21st century is disrespect our flag, our police, our way of life. Cal, can you say with a straight face that you don't agree with me? I used to think you were good people....
  4. Jsawrie

    CNN Town Hall: Russia and ISIS

    No I don’t support the lifting of these sanctions. Good help against, not just a common enemy, but a global will is admirable and I thank the Russian leadership for their continued support. However, this doesn’t excuse their aggressive actions toward a peaceful Ukraine. I think it’s a softish approach. There are better ways to warm our relationship with Russia than reneging our strong response to their aggression. That being said, I have found the President to be someone that Makes tough decisions, not necessarily the ones I would make, but i commend his attempt. No. I believe there are other allies we could form a coalition with that would be just as helpful
  5. Will Conway

    CNN Town Hall: Russia and ISIS

    This was a pretty small matter to allow the importation of these classic guns, so I am not troubled by it. It is good that the United States and Russia can recognize a common interest in eradicating ISIS. Certainly, if this can lead to more cooperation down the road, that is not a bad thing. Having said that, let us not forget that Russia is not working with us to do us any favors, but because ISIS conflicts with that country's interests. In this case, this means we can cooperate. But I do not believe that we can overlook the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula nor the quasi war that Russia has been waging against Ukraine as a whole. I believe the United States has an interest in good relations with the countries in Eastern Europe that are confronted with resurgent Russian power, such as Poland and the Czech Republic. Going back a little bit in history, I believe the President George W. Bush was entirely correct in pushing for ballistic missile defense in Eastern Europe, and we lost a lot of credibility when President Obama reversed that policy. I would return to the Bush policy. I also have to note that Russia seems to be in the midst of rearranging the political realities of East Asia. I would be very concerned if that led to a weakening of our own presence in that region. This is a situation that whoever is elected President will have to confront sooner or later.
  6. Jonathan

    CNN Town Hall: Russia and ISIS

    Russia has been a great help in the fight against ISIS, and credit should be given where credit is due once this terrorist organization has been eradicated once and for all. However, just because we're willing to work with a nation in order to defeat a common evil, doesn't necessarily make that nation an ally. We worked with Stalin to defeat the Nazis during World War II, but Stalin was far from our friend. Russia helping us in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism doesn't excuse their aggression in Europe, particularly in the Ukraine and Crimea, their murder of 298 civilians aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Vladimir Putin's crackdown on dissent and outright murder of political enemies, efforts by state actors to compromise our cyber-security, or their support of Bashar al-Assad, a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his own people and a massive refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. We will accept their help in defeating ISIL, but make no mistake, they are not our friend, as long as the injustices that I have mentioned and many others remain in place or unapologized for, the sanctions must remain, and under a Hong Presidency, they will.
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  8. Jsawrie

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    I think for one thing you’ve shown that Republicans and conservative pundits have done a great job of trying to turn Progressive into a slur. I don’t believe it is. Progressives have benefited this country. Progressives have us the Clean Water Act, the Civil Rights Act, we’ve given women and minorities the right to vote, and integrated schools. We established public works, fought for fair labor practices and wages and safe working conditions. So when Republicans or anybody throws “progressive” around like it’s a slur, I’ll pick it up and wear that slur because I am a proud progressive. I’d also say, I’m not the party. I may be the front runner, but I’m not the only one with ideas. I’ve worked in both sides of the aisle to get things done, not just for liberal cities like New York, Chicago, and Austin. But for rural Americans. I’ve been an advocate for common sense gun control, but still maintains the rights of hunters, farmers, and those who want to protect their homes. I’ve been an advocate for proctecting the unborn without interfering with the Court’s decision.
  9. TexAgRepublican

    Senate Debate: Armed Services Always Paid Act

    Signed, /s/ Kyle Fitzgerald President of the United States
  10. Mr. Rapperbee, Are the expansions to civil rights called for by Mr. Ward something worth pursuing to you?
  11. Mr. Rapperbee, Some have questioned your conservative credentials with some of your proposals. Will a Rapperbee adminstration be one that economically adheres to conservative principles?
  12. Phillip Huffines

    CNN Town Hall: Russia and ISIS

    Phillip Huffines: ISIS is nearly defeated and that is in part due to cooperation with Russia. That is not a small achievement whatsoever. The President's executive order is a sign of confidence towards improved relations with the nation while maintaining most of the sanctions. Ultimately the repeal doesn't enable further Russian aggression as the financial gains from this for Russia are small and this is something that American purchasers of guns have called for and will be pleased with. I fully support the President on this action.
  13. Cardinalfan9

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    A heavyset man wearing a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat approaches you. I'm a Democrat but lately I've been turned off by all this talk of "progressives" These people disrespect our flag, they spit in the face of law enforcement, and they want to turn our land into a third world country. This ain't my father's democratic party. How could you allow this to happen Mr. Ward? And now you call yourself a progressive too! Say no to the progressive left agenda! Where are the Kennedy, patriotic, America first Democrats?
  14. Pizzuto


    Wow! Things speeding up. ISIS getting crushed beyond repair. I hate to say it, but Fitzy may have ended them for good. Dramatic escalation in recent weeks. #isisbyesis
  15. Phillip Huffines


    I'd argue the bill decreases the federal role in education substantially and gives more responsibility to state and local governments. From the bill: "No officer or employee of the Federal Government shall, through grants, contracts, or other cooperative agreements, mandate, direct, or control a State, local educational agency, or school’s specific instructional content, academic standards and assessments, curricula, or program of instruction"
  16. TexAgRepublican


    Watch me on CNN Town Hall with @jaketapper discussing ISIS and Russia.
  17. Shiggy

    Mike Solin - Southern Tour - Orlando, Florida

    PLAYER NAME Republicans Democrats NAT EV BUS MR ML SJW PRO EN Change +2 +2 0 +5 +5 -2 +2 0
  18. Will Conway


    @WillConway: some good things in the comprehensive education reform bill from Rep. Huffines like abolition of common core and promotion of school choice. Some problematic things too, though, like nationwide cannabis legalization and increased federal role. Prefer more state and local responsibility.
  19. TexAgRepublican

    CNN Town Hall: Russia and ISIS

    Audrey Van Horn: Well first of all, let's put in perspective what the president actually did here. The specific executive order the president repealed is just one of several that were signed by President Obama in 2014 as part of the broader U.S. sanctions regime against Russia as a result of the Crimea dispute. President Fitzgerald did not repeal the entire 2014 U.S. sanctions regime. He repealed one specific executive order that was relatively narrow in scope compared to the rest of the sanctions regime. I'm sure you understand this Jake, but I wanted to make sure everyone watching at home understands too. In addition to the 2014 regime, there are other sanctions that were passed before and after. Some of these sanctions would actually require an Act of Congress to repeal, but most of them could be repealed by executive order if the president wishes. Personally, if I were president, not only would I have repealed this specific executive order, I would have repealed the entire 2014 regime. Let's sit back for a moment and reflect on the absurdity of keeping tough sanctions on a country that is helping us defeat our worst enemy. They're helping us, but we're supposed to continue punishing them? I don't think there's any precedent for that. Besides, the EU sanctions do a lot more damage to them than ours do because they relied on the EU more for trade. That makes sense because the EU is closer to them geographically. You could also make the argument that the drop in the price of oil is doing more damage to Russia's economy than our sanctions. The bottom line is that the world isn't going to end if we drop these sanctions. We might actually benefit from it by opening U.S. business to a massive global market. To address your last question Jake, we were allies during World War 2 with a Soviet regime that killed tens of millions of its own people. I would say Stalin is a lot worse than Putin, but nobody is seconding guessing FDR for that one. Jake, have you watched the ISIS propaganda videos? This is Nazi level stuff. We're talking about people being set on fire, little kids being armed with AK-47s and sent to search and kill prisoners in a house like it's a game of hide and seek. This is sick, sick stuff. This is pure evil. They have already killed innocent in Americans in places like Orlando, San Bernardino, and Chattanooga. They're capable of doing a lot more. Whatever we need to do in order to defeat ISIS is worth it. In war, there is no substitute for victory. Russian support allows us to defeat ISIS quicker with fewer casualties. And finally Jake, I think we need to consider whether the two biggest nuclear powers in the world with over ten thousand nuclear warheads combined being at each other's throats is good for our country or for humanity. Because once those nukes are in the air, you can't send them back. It's game over. Crimea was five years ago, and not much has happened since then. I think we have to move beyond this Cold War mentality if we really want world peace.
  20. Jsawrie

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    Because again, I have hesitations on opening up to dictators. We’re free to disagree on that. But when it comes to education, Civil Rights, voting access, environmental protection, withdrawing our troops, and other positions, I’ve taken a clear progressive stance.
  21. Phillip Huffines

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    Mr. Ward, Are you not going to address opposition to ending the embargo on Cuba? Progressives support it but you don't. How are you suppose to represent us if you're against what we support?
  22. Jsawrie

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    No. You can have the same thing in two bills. I just find it suspicious when the congressman puts two bills of his together like so odd legislative sandwhich. Just get both bills passed. Let the American people get an honest debate. I’m tired of playing hide the legislation and don’t believe it’s good for the government. But if you want two pieces of legislation, one up front the other through the back door, by all means, don’t vote for me
  23. TexAgRepublican

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    So you allegedly support education funding and you allegedly support marijuana legalization, but when they're both in the same bill all of a sudden you oppose both? That doesn't make any sense. It seems like you're afraid to take progressive positions, and you're using this as an excuse. Many of us are getting tired of the political games. This is exactly why I didn't vote for Hillary, and at this rate I won't vote for you either if you're the nominee. You're just another establishment Democrat who on some issues is even less of a progressive than millionaire Republicans like Phillip Huffines.
  24. Jsawrie


    No. It’s transparency and government integrity, stupid. Speaking of. How’s that investigation going?? #itsbeenthreemonths
  25. Jsawrie

    Ward Meets with Texas Democrats

    I’m not against legaliing marijuana at all. If you’ll see, the gentleman from Texas already has a legalization bill and I was the first to Co-sponsor it. My opposition in THIS situation is that I believe we should be transparent with the American people and putting two bills into one like that lacks transparency. If the gentleman would lobby for his marijuana bill, I’ll move for consent as fast as possible
  26. Phillip Huffines


    A so called progressive will oppose their own policy goals if one goal is used to pay for another. How dare we actually be fiscally responsible. It's just partisanship for the sake of being partisan.
  27. TexAgRepublican

    First Amendment Defense Act

    Signed, /s/ Kyle Fitzgerald President of the United States
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